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7/26/16 Report - Ring Find. Martin County History. Fort San Marcos Boundaries Discovered.

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Beautiful Sunrise by Tony (Penzfan)
Ring Found by Tony

Yesterday I showed a couple of newly found local dairy bottles and talked a little about local dairy history.  Here is an article on dairy history related to Martin County.



The boundaries of Fort Sand Marcos have been identified after several unsuccessful digs.  Ground penetrating radar and magnetometers did the job.

Here is a bit of the background.

Fort San Marcos was built in 1577. Menendez’ crews got it up in six days because of the threat that a Native American tribe would attack. It allowed the Spanish to restore Santa Elena, which settlers had abandoned the year before when it was attacked.

The fort was a large bunkhouse of barracks and storerooms with cannon platform on one end, according to the release. It had 11 mounted cannons, the largest weighing more than 5,400 pounds.

After five years, the wooden posts surrounding the fort rotted, and a new fort, also called San Marcos was built on the nearby shoreline.

The restored Santa Elena grew to nearly 400 residents, impressive enough to be named the capital of Spanish Florida in 1571.

But after English privateer Sir Francis Drake began attacking Spanish settlements, the settlement was abandoned in 1587 for Fort Augustine in today’s Florida.

Here is the link for the rest of the article.


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