Thursday, July 21, 2016

7/21/16 Report - Treasure Coast Finds. Various Scoop Designs Favored By A Couple Treasure Coast Detectorists

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Recent Treasure Coast Shipwreck Spike Find.

As you you can probably see, this spike is heavily corroded.  It looks like much more than half of the material was lost.

Very Heavy Treasure Coast Silver Bracelet Find.

Warren D. sent tthe following two pictures of scoops along with an email on the designs.

Couple Innovative Treasure Scoops.
Photo by Warren D

More Treasure Scoops
Photo by Warren D.

Below is the email that Warren sent with the pictures.

The correct use of leverage to allow one handed digging in the most efficient manner is important to beach detectorists.

At the same time to dig vertical, one handed is the most efficient way for deep targets.

When lifting the full bucket one handed from wet sand or in the water and break the ground suction first before lifting is important.

Being able to use the large muscle groups to do the heavy lifting, legs, without bending your back is important.

To be able to easily control the full bucket one-handed without spilling the contents in order to hold the bucket away from the coil to recheck the hole to see if the target was collected is important.

The heavy full bucket center of gravity should be far below the wrist to avoid the twisting of the wrist.

Innovative handle design allows all of the above.

I think experienced beach detectorists know what I mean.

I've had people on the beach come up to me and say I see what you're doing and I get it.

Warren D.

And here is a scoop picture sent by Cliff.

Another Treasure Scoop Design.
Photo by Cliff.
Ciff likes this scoop.

I've talked about scoops before and won't go into it any more today.


There is not tropical weather to be concerned about.  The surf will decrease just a little as we head into the weekend.

Happy hunting,