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7/16/16 Report - Walking Like a Man 1.5 Million Years Ago. Cleaning Antique Silver. Cursed Rocks From Gettysburg Battlefield.

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Photo Taken At the Conservation Lab Last Year Showing Several Silver Forks.

People are returning stones that they picked up at Gettysburg National Battlefield Park.  Of course, you aren't supposed to do that.  A park ranger supposedly has been telling people not to take them, but he is also telling them that they are cursed.  That is a story that I stumbled onto this morning.

Talking about the packages of stones that are returned, here is what the story says.

The packages seem totally innocuous. Not very large. Slightly heavier than you might expect for their size. Addressed to Gettysburg National Military Park, but not to a specific department or person. Often without a return address. Not terribly unusual at all.

Except for the curse.

The boxes in question hold rocks. Rocks that were previously removed from the park, and are now being returned. In almost every case, they also contain a letter, such as the one below, received in May of this year:

The article then presents letters received along with the packages  of returned "cursed" stones.

Here is the link.

One of my ancestor's was injured at Gettysburg.


Remember that old song by the Four Seasons, Walk Like A Man?  That would be the excellent background music for this piece, which I thought was interesting.  According to some, man evolved from apes over a period of about six million years and became bipedal about four thousand years ago.  Well, they found footprints that they believe are 1.5 million years old, which caused them to conclude that man was walking 1.5 million years ago just like today.  They saw no change.

If I believed in the common theory of evolution, I would have thought that over 1.5 million years there would have been some change, especially if man had only been walking upright for 4 million years total.  While I don't believe in evolution (as I scientist I'm too skeptical to accept all of that) or the way they estimate time periods, I would think there would be some change over such a large time period.  Interesting nonetheless.

Here is the link.


Here is an article that discusses how to clean silver.  Ammonia is one suggestion.

Take a look.


I hope you enjoyed inspecting the recent finds made by the crew of the Capitana.  They keep coming up with nice stuff.

I'll be doing more posts on escudos in the near future.


I'm often made painfully aware that I don't explain things sufficiently.  Different people read and interpret things differently.  How a person reads or interprets something depends upon where they are coming from.  I do so many posts that I try to keep things brief.  Many times I know I didn't say everything I could or should say about something, and I intend to follow up with more details in the future.  That happens all the time.  It is just part of doing a blog.  One thing I intend to follow up on is foot fanning.  It is a technique you can almost always use in shallow water and sometimes it is by far the best way to go.  I'll describe one situation when it was the only way I could make progress.  That was one very productive day.

The blog poll is about done.  Just a few more hours left.

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