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7/25/16 Report - Vero Beach History. Paintings As Research Resources. Treasure Coast Dairy Bottles.

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Painting of Horse Shoe and Snaffle Bit.
This painting shown above is offered in a Southeby's auction.  It is a 20th century painting.

I look at old paintings a lot.  You can learn about old areas and artifacts that way.  You can find pictures of all kinds of old things in paintings.

I dug the bit shown below.  I never knew that it would be called a snaffle bit.  I learned that from the title of the painting.

Photo of Dug Snaffle Bit.
By the way, a snaffle bit is a simple bit.  It is jointed, and used with a single set of reins.

It is difficult to narrow down the date of a basic bit like this, which, I think, spans centuries.


Here is a history timeline for Vero Beach.  I know the type is small, but if you have trouble reading it, you can go to the original source.

The timeline comes from a Historic Properties Survey of the City of Vero Beach.

Here is the link.

You'll especially like to browse this if you are a land hunter looking for sites to detect.  There is a list of historic properties at the end with addresses of each.  You won't be able to detect the historic properties, but they'll point you to historic areas.

You'll find other things of interest in the survey as well.  At the end is a list of laws relevant to metal detecting and historic properties and archaeological sites.


Here is a nice web site that sells items from Florida's past.  One category that is represented is milk bottles and associated items such as dairy bottle caps.

Here is the link.

I've found a variety of Florida milk bottles.  Some of the most common are Vero Beach Dairy, Boutwell and Alfar-Boutwell Dairy.  Both embossed and painted dairy bottles are common.  The paint on the painted bottles is usually faded or partly missing.

Below are a couple very recent dairy bottle finds.

No Deposit Dairy Bottle

Boutwell Dairy Milk Bottle
Dairy bottles were a part of normal life a few decades ago.  Now they are fading into history.  It is a part of history that should be preserved.  I'm glad I was able to save these artifacts and the story they tell.


There is no cyclone activity, and the surf will be about one foot through the week.

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