Saturday, December 10, 2016

12/10/16 Report - Treasure Coast Beach Conditions: Rio Mar to Ambersands.

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Looking North Towards Seagrape Trail Beach
 I went out to look at a few beaches this morning.  I started at Turtle Trail.  There were about a half dozen detectorists at Turtle Trail.

There was a cut running from south of the Turtle Trail access nearly to the Searape Trail access.  The cut ran about three feet at many places.

Just south of the Seagrape Trail access the cut started to disappear.  Around the Seagrape access there was a lot of sea weed.  There were also some layers of shells.

Looking South Towards Turtle Trail Beach.
Finds were far between from Turtle Trail to Seagrape Trail.  

Seagrape Trail was still closed.  The stairs down to the beach looked like they were not stable.  That might be the reason the access was closed.

Wabasso Beach This Morning.
Wabasso didn't look too promising.  There were very few people there, and I didn't see any detectorists.

Ambersands Beach This Morning.
Ambersands Beach didn't look very promising either.  As you might be able to see in this photo, down towards the bend it looked like there was a little more erosion.  

As you know, this beach was renousished not too long ago, and the beach renourishment sand is still very evident here and down at Turtle and Seagrape Trail.

Golden Sands was still closed, but Treasure Shores park was open.

The more brown sand wasn't too deeply buried down near the Turtle Trail access.

Ambersands Beach Looking North Towards McLarty This Morning
Rio Mar Beach This Morning
There was a two to three foot cut running along Rio Mar beach.  In front of that were scattered shells, a little dip and then a bar.

Targets near the foot of the cut were shallow.  Targets near the water line were deeper.

The surf is supposed to be about 3 - 5 feet again tomorrow.  Unfortunately the wind has shifted a bit and is now coming more from the east.  I don't expect much more improvement.  Hopefully I'm wrong.

I'm sticking with my "2" rating on my Treasure Coast Beach Detecting Conditions Scale.

Remember, my new 2 rating is not as good a rating as my earlier 2 ratings.

I did find a good number of modern coins today, but not much of the older stuff.

Happy hunting