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12/17/16 Report - Numismatic Archaeology. Underwater Drones. A Study of Two Early Shipwrecks.

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Last month this blog had over 100,000 page views.  When I started this blog I never dreamed of those kinds of numbers.


Here is the description of what sounds like an interesting book.

Numismatic Archaeology of North America is the first book to provide an archaeological overview of the coins and tokens found in a wide range of North American archaeological sites. It begins with a comprehensive and well-illustrated review of the various coins and tokens that circulated in North America with descriptions of the uses for, and human behavior associated with, each type. The book contains practical sections on standardized nomenclature, photographing, cleaning, and curating coins, and discusses the impacts of looting and of working with collectors. This is an important tool for archaeologists working with coins. For numismatists and collectors, it explains the importance of archaeological context for complete analysis.

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One of the big things in defense technology these days seems to be drones.  That is not real new and we've all heard about it, but the newest thing with drones is using them in swarms, which are groups of small drones that communicate with each other and act in a coordinated fashion to accomplish mission objectives.

If you like to stay up on technology - and I think any serious treasure hunter should -  Jane's would be good reading.  It will keep you up on defense and security intelligence.  See
Search underwater drones, for example.

As you probably know, metal detector were developed to detect mines and the internet was developed as a military project.  A lot of research and development is conducted for military applications.

Here is a test on the latest underwater drone technology.

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Jack sent an email and said the following.

I've been reading your site for years,.. Worked Ft Lauderdale for over 25 Yrs,  but that will come later, You are right on the ball in everything you  say. Keep it up, please. I Love it!  Regarding The article on Tommy Thompson,  It's reported that just B-4 Blackbeard was hung, when asked where he had buried his gold he said, "Only me and the Devil knows where it's at."  Maybe Mr Thompson is following suit with a grin on his face,
Thanks Jack.


The only people normally reflected in the documentary record pertaining to these fleets are European. Very little is written about the approximately 100 Aztec warriors who accompanied Luna and his men to Florida or about the common sailors of the Padre Island fleet. Archaeology has the unique ability to give a voice to the disenfranchised whose history and lifestyles were not chronicled in the historical record (Little 1996:42-78).

That is one paragraph from a lengthy masters theses that primarily compares the ceramics of the Padre Island and Emauel Point shipwrecks.  

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The surf will be around 2 - 4 feet for a few days, but we will still have some nice negative tides.

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