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12/29/16 Report - Archaeology Book. More Sand Coming. Very Old Wall Falls.

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When your childhood follows you like a little fuzzy puppy bounding through the grass on a lazy summer day, you are lucky.

I'm lucky.

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Here is a useful book.  It is The Archaeology of Colonial Pensacola, edited by Judith Pense and published by the University of Florida Press.  Very helpful.   Tons of information.  Since the area changed hands from time to time, you'll read about both Spanish and English sites and artifacts.

One of the things I found helpful were the lists giving the total number of features and artifacts found at various sites.  That can be useful in many ways.  I might elaborate in the future on how you can use those numbers when you visit a site.

You can view some of the book online.

Click here to see the preview.

I did a fair amount of detecting in the Pensacola area when I was doing contracct work at the Naval Air Station and flying up there about every other week for a few years.  It was always an interesting place to detect with a lot of history


The Space Coast beaches, which were hit hard by Matthew, will get new sand starting in January.  I'm sure that will only be the beginning.  Look for a lot of replenishment in 2017 along the Treasure Coast.

Here is link.

Thanks to James F. for the link.


I recently mentioned all the replenishment sand reducing old finds on the Treasure Coast and received this response from one reader.  (Very minor edits made by TG.)

You are on target. it is all the sand being dumped on beach. destroyed all in close habitat for marine life as well. Take one beach in pic Bathtub Beach. Had live rock everywhere, French angel fish,snowflake ells, swarms of fish now it's all gone. Covered in sand. very sad how it's all being taken away.

Thanks RY.  Sad indeed.


Israel, which was very much in the news yesterday, is also now in the Treasure Beaches Report.

A wall dating back to 1750 BC was damaged by a heavy downpour.


We're going to have a couple weeks of small surf.

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