Tuesday, December 6, 2016

12/6/16 Report - A Couple Nice Old Bottle Finds. Jupiter Erosion Gives Up Some Gold.

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1924 TryMe Soda Bottle Find.
Yesterday I showed some bottles I found Saturday.  Here are a couple of the better ones.

At the top is a TryMe soda bottle.  The patent mark on the bottom is March 24, 1824.  It is also marked "Miami."

This is the one that I saw an example that sold for $25.  There are a lot of soda bottle collectors.

The next example is good too.

Electric Bug Kill Bottle Find.

This one is embossed, "KILL-LOL / ELECTRIC BUG KILLER / OMNIA CHEMICAL CO. NEW YORK U.S.A. ". There is an upside down bug, embossed in a triangle, under "KILL-LOL."

I saw an example of this type of bottle that sold for $75 in 2015.  It was said to be rare.

I don't have an exact date on this one, but did find that the Omnia Chemical Company obtained patents for liquid pesticides in 1905.  I should be able to get a date reange for this bottle, 


Joe D. hunted Jupiter the other day.  Here is what he had to report.

Hunted Jupiter today, renurshment sand drops off about a 12 foot cliff and gradually runs off to knee high in each direction several hundred yards. Clad, junk jewelry, fishing tackle, and one gold item. Very little trash, but nothing old yet!

Joe's Gold Find
Photo by Joe D.
Cut At Jupiter
Photo submitted by Joe D.
Thanks for the report and pictures Joe.


As I write, there is a front on the way here.  The surf is very small today and will be tomorrow.

Happy hunting,