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12/15/16 Report - A Key Find. Appreciating Finds. 62 Foot Wave.

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Encrusted Find
Find and photo by Jerry P.
Can you guess what this is?  Below is what Jerry said.

I was detecting on Palm Beach last week when I dug this find out of the wet-sand. We’ve had a LOT of erosion here lately in PB County and I’ve been finding older modern coins and jewelry from as far back as the 1930’s. This key set really got my heart rate going when I first set eyes on it.  As you can see, it is from the Breakers Hotel back when they still used regular room keys. They were riveted together with a copper rivet that broke during a multi-stage cleaning. Not sure what the small key might have been for. A cabana lock or safe maybe? I’m trying to find out what time period it may be from, but not getting very far.

I also have an old silver woman’s ring (missing a large stone) I found this week that could be Very old. If you’d like to see it too, just let me know.

Thanks for looking,
Jerry P.

Below are the keys as they looked after cleaning.

As you can see the one side is very pitted.

Nice find Jerry.  Thanks for the report and pictures.

I have about 10 gallons of big brass hotel keys that I dug back in the 80s.

Breakers Hotel Key With FOB Dug In The 80s.
I don't know what era this one came from.  I just remember roughly when it was dug.  It looks very much like the one Jerry dug.  (Jerry's photo is better than mine.)

The danger was that if you found a hotel key you could possibly go up and enter the room.  Locks weren't changed quickly like the key cards of today.

If they changed over the years and somebody knows how to date them, please let me know.

People collect vintage hotel keys.  If you check eBay or other auction sites, you'll see that even the ones with large plastic fobs are priced around $12 or more.  I personally like the look of the large metal ones like the one shown above a lot better.

Old skeleton keys seem to be popular with collectors.

Some people don't collect keys, but they collect hotel memorabilia, and the keys fall in that category.

If you detected the beach back in the eighties, you probably found a lot of hotel keys, and if you kept them, you might now be able to get a few dollars from them, or at least have a little collection of your own.

One other thing - if you dig up an encrusted item like the one shown at the top of the post, be sure you know what it is before you throw it out.  I've been very wrong before.  I thought one such item was a modern coin and it turned out to be a 18th century medallion.

One of the main things I want you to get from all of this is the various ways you can appreciate and enjoy your finds.  Keys or gold coins can be more than some amount of money.  They can also be viewed as collectibles, history and art.  They are more valuable to you when you learn to appreciate them more.


The 62 foot (19 meter) wave -- captured between Iceland and the UK on February 4 2013 -- has set a new world record for the biggest wave ever recorded by a buoy, according to the World Meteorological Association...

Here is the link.

I wonder what that would do to the Treasure Coast and how it would redistribute shallow water and beach treasure.


More people believe in climate change than evolution.  One study recently found that about 45 percent of the sample did not believe in evolution.

Here is the link.

I accept microevolution but not macroevolution.  There is a big difference.


The surf will be only one to two feet on Thursday.  It will increase a bit, but not a log, Friday and Saturday.

You might want to take advantage of the calm surf and nice negative low tides.

Happy hunting,