Saturday, December 31, 2016

12/31/16 Report - Happy New Year. 2016 Popular Posts. Magnetometers and Ground Penetrating Radar: Technology and Application.

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A  New Year Post Card Received by My Grandfather in 1913.

Well it is the end of the year again.  It seems like they fly around faster and faster.   It is a good time to look back and assess things.  What went right?  What went wrong?  And how can we do better?

For the Treasure Coast and metal detecting, Hurricane Matthew provided a lot of the big news this year. First we hoped that it would move some sand and leave us some treasure.  Then as it grew and grew and appeared to be headed towards us, we hoped that it wouldn't cause a lot of destruction.  As it turned out, after all the preparations were made, it skirted the Treasure Coast.

You'll see the most popular blog posts of 2016 at the top left of the main blog page, where I'll leave them for a couple of days.  They are the most read posts of 2016.

As you can see most of those popular posts dealt with Hurricane Matthew in one way or another, and six of the ten were posted in October of 2016.  The most recent posts are at a disadvantage since readers continue to read the older posts over the days, months and years.

One of the most popular posts of 2016 was posted in 2014.  It continues to be popular year after year.

I never expected this when I started this blog back in 2008.  I had no idea that I would have something to say almost everyday or that the blog would grow like it did.  On an average day the blog has  1000 page views.

For some there were losses in 2016.  Some lost family members or loved ones or experienced other hardships.  The holiday season is a sad time for some who remember departed family members and happier times.  I hope 2016 was a good year for you, and I'm hoping that 2017 is a great year for you.

One of the more interesting finds that I reported on this year was the 68 karat emerald found at Golden Sands park by a lady looking for shells.  No detector.  Not even a treasure hunter.  Just someone beach combing!

Next year is already very promising.  I know of a couple exploratory things being done.  I'm thinking of investigating one of those with a technology that is new to me.  Maybe I'll be able to give you the details some time in 2017.


Yesterday I was talking about the advantages of conducting a comprehensive visual site survey.  I still intend to get out and take some pictures to help illustrate that.  I also plan to get into steps after that.


Time spent in the field is a critical factor for beach hunting.  Finds can come in clusters and being out there a lot multiplies your chances of finding those really hot spots when they first pop up.


If you are interested in learning more about how magnetometers and ground prentrating radar works and their practical application, here is a theses entitled Magnetics, Radar, and Steam: Geophysical Testing of the Allegheny Portage Railroad Industrial Historic Site by Michael Raymond Sprowles.

Here is the link.


We are starting the year with a small surf and a little negative tide.  A week or two down the road they are predicting a 4 - 7 foot surf.   Those types of long range predictions seldom happen.  We'll see.

Happy New Year.

Be kind.