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12/13/16 Report - Treasure In The Indian River Lagoon.

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There has been at least one Exploratory lease in the Indian River Lagoon.  As far as I know, not much was found in that lease area, however there is evidence suggesting the possibility of wrecks in the river. 

We know that just south of the nuclear power plant a large piece of an old wreck was found in the river.  Some think that it might have washed over the island during a storm.

I can't imagine that there are no old wrecks in the river.  There has to be.  The question is if there are any treasure wrecks there.

Caches of Spanish reales have been found west of the Indian River, such as those found when a bulldozer uncovered a large cache while clearing a site for the Sebastian Walmart.

How did those cobs get there?  I don't think anyone knows how they got there, but I think they must have crossed the river at some time.  Who moved them or when remains unknown.

I imagine that the Spanish salvage crews used the river for many purposes.  As in later times, the transportation would have provided easy transportation.

My thinking is that there has to be some treasure in the river.  Any treasure that might be in the river would probably be more scattered and harder to get to.

I've been told by the guys that build docks on the river that the sand is about six feet deep near the western edge of the river.  That is a lot of sand.  There is also a LOT of junk in the river.  Whether it is centuries old or not, there has to be shipwrecks and some amount of treasure in the Indian River.

Part of what appeared to be an old Spanish shipwreck was found in the river.  There are other rumors of wrecks in the river.  Items found in the river or on the banks also suggest the possibility of wrecks.

I've heard of or seen various nautical items found in the river or on the banks.  Besides native American artifacts and 18th century buttons and anchors and other nautical items, I know of about a half ton of lead ingots that were  found along the river.  I don't know how old those might have been. Where the ingots came from is anyone's guess.  They could be old or more recent.

Although I've done a little (very little) research, I've not found any newspaper articles reporting steamships or other wrecks in the river either Indian River or St. Lucie County.  Perhaps there are some, but I haven't found them.  Maybe someone can point me to some that they have found.  I'd appreciate that.

As we know, the inlets have changed position from time to time and there were times when inlets opened or closed for a period of time.

We also know that the inlets were dangerous and were near impossible to enter at different times.  We know, for example, how the army payroll was lost near the old inlet.  Not only were the gold coins from the army payroll found, but also a number of muskets that were found.

There are also reports of buried treasure along the Indian River, such as that found many years ago at Sewalls Point.

Some old items were dredged up onto the spoil islands at one time.  One spoil island in the Vero area is known for the fossils that are found there.

Just after hurricane Matthew the east side of the river along A1A was damaged opposite the McLarty museum.  I made a mental note of that, but never investigated it any further.  I wish I had taken a photo.  Maybe it hasn't been totally repaired yet.

Much of the east border of the river is artificial and there are tons of sinkers and a lot of trash.  That is a problem, but a few old items have been found along the east side.

Remember any old artifacts found in the Indian River are the property of the state of Florida.

I'm sure there is a lot of history in the Indian River that we'll never hear about.  If you have any old newspaper articles or other documentation of treasure in the Indian River, I'd like to hear about it.


We had a beautiful full moon last night.  We also had some nice low tides.  The surf is small too.

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