Thursday, December 1, 2016

12/1/16 Report - Million Dollars of Gold Flakes Stolen. Great Bottle Book. Gold Torc Found.

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Turtle Trail North Thursday
Photo by Darrel S.
Darrel, down from Gainesville, hit the Treasure Coast beaches hard for the last month and sent me a lot of reports and photos,  They were very helpful to me.  Thanks Darrel.

You can tell the cuts are old.  They are beaten down.  When they are new, they are more like a wall. They just sort of crumble over time if the water isn't hitting them.

In the above photo you can see that the water had just splashed up on the foot of the cuts.

Darrel says that Seagrape Trail access is still closed.


Over a million dollars worth of gold flakes was stolen from the back of a truck in New York in broad daylight with bystanders not paying any attention.  

Here is the link to that story.


A few days ago I posted a link to an article about how to tell the age of Coke bottles.  That post received a good number of Google Pluses.

Here is a great book that will give you tons of good information on how to date and identify all kinds of bottles.  You can read much of it online as a preview.

The book, written by Peter Schulz, has the title Baffle Marks and Pontil Scars: A Reader on Historic Bottle Identification.

Click on the title to look at that preview.

I highly recommend taking a look at this book if you collect bottles at all.


3000 Year-Old Gold Torc (Belt) Find

A mysterious 3,000-year-old gold torc, described as one of the largest ever discovered, has been unearthed in the U.K.

Discovered in Cambridgeshire last year, the torc, which dates from between 1300 and 1100 B.C., went on display at the British Museum in London this week...

Here is the link for the rest of that story.

Thanks to Bill White for that link.


Expect a small surf for the next week or two.  Nothing exciting.

Happy hunting,