Sunday, December 11, 2016

12/11/16 Report - Documenting A Quickly Changing Cut. Miscellaneous Finds.

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Here are some before and after pictures taken by Joe D. of the same spot 48 hours apart.  It shows how quckly and vastly things can change.  The first three are "before" pictures showing how the eroded beach looked.

The next three pictures show the same location 48 hours later.  You can see the sand built up in front of the beach.

In the photo immediately above, notice what appears to be rocks at the top of the picture.  That will increase erosion.  When the waves shift, the erosion and sand will shift locations as well.

That is pretty impressive.  Cuts can come and go in a matter of hours.  What we hope for and occasionally get is a sustained eroding such as the legendary Thanksgiving storm of treasure history.

Joe said he found a couple of coin lines and commented on how quickly the new pennies corrode.

He also found 
* Regular shells
* Lots of iron
* Old red clay brick
* Old glass
* Fossilized shells
* Mis. rocks of granite, slate, quartz, sandstone
* Copper or brass sheeting 

Here is a picture o those.  There are a couple rings in there.

Joe D. also commented on finding a cremation tag.  I have menttioned those in years past, but Joe had a good question.  What should you do with those.  Joe thought he should throw it back, and I agree with that.  

Thanks much Joe for all the pictures and the report.


Sunday the surf will be three to five feet.  The high tide will be good and high too.  The wind has shifted though and I'm not expecting continued improvement in conditions.  The cuts might fill some, but look for the cuts to shift a little too.

I might not get out to take a look, but I'm sticking with my 2 (transitional conditions) rating for now.  I would expect some of the cuts to shift north or south.  Remember, when sand accumulates it is leaving somewhere else.

Happy hunting,