Monday, July 10, 2017

7/10/17 Report - Gold Cross Pendant Lost At Jensen Beach. Help! Additional Info Added 10:40 PM.

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Item Reported Lost at Jensen Beach.
I just received the following email.

To whom it may concern,
If you could please share this with all treasure hunters, metal detector enthusiast and Social Media Treasure Hunting Groups in Jensen Beach, it would be GREATLY appreciated... I do not have much but I am offering an award! 🏻

Everyone please share! This was my grandfather's cross and my mom has worn it everyday since he passed. She bought it for him when she was 18 years old and he wore it every day until he passed. While taking her morning walk on Jensen Beach (North Side), she lost it. It's the most important item to her so please if anyone finds it, contact me or Stephanie D'Ann Siefker immediately. She is devastated so please share this across the treasure coast.

Here is a picture of the cross being worn.

Lost Cross Being Worn.
That is a good photo that shows the size of the cross.  It also helps establish ownership.

I'll go ahead and post this now and maybe add to this post later.


The following was added 10.30 PM Monday after I asked the lady for more information. 

I was in the water, it was high tide. I was about even with the white sign in the dunes with a black "Z" on it. I figure it is a long shot, but the ocean has a way of taking and returning things. If there is a blog for metal detector enthusiast, I'm hoping someone finds it and sees my story.

I also heard from Steve from Iowa who plans on searching again tomorrow for the cross.

Here is how Steve described it.

I was out at Jensen Beach this afternoon when Stephanie (the gal who lost
the gold cross) approached me. She actually lost it in the water out in
front of the small sign with a "z" on it at the north end, on the sandbar
while she was net casting. I couldn't find it. The water was fairly rough
from the southeast wind. I will try again tomorrow or the next day. Nice
lady. Wish I could have found it for her as it has a lot of sentimental

Thanks for helping Steve.

I hope someone can find the cross. Thanks to all who are attempting to locate this small cross.