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7/8/17 Report - Mel Fisher Days and Lifetime Achievement Award. Atocha, Margarita and Treasure Coast Finds. New Island. Scoop Assist.

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Newly Formed Island Off North Carolina
Source: Charlotte Observor
I talk a lot about how sand and things move on a beach.  Here is a new island that recently formed.  It continues to grow, but it might disappear just as fast.

One thing I'd be interested in is where the sand came from.  When sand builds up one place, it comes from someplace else.  That is obvious enough.  So the question is did something get uncovered.  That is what I think about when I see sand accumulating.

Here is the link for more about that.


Along the Treasure Coast, Captain Jonah and the crew of the Capitana has been finding lots of musket balls, pottery,lead,and some Silver coins.


The Fisher organization reports that June was one of their best months of 2017.  Found on the Margarita and Atocha sites were an "ornate piece of gold jewelry, more than a dozen silver coins, a rapier, knife blades, pottery and lots of encrusted objects..." 

Mel Fisher Days will be celebrated this year in Key West July 13 through 15. Captain Andy Matroci will receive the Mel Fisher Lifetime Achievement Award. Here is the link for additional detail.


I give away tons of free information all the time.  I generally don't do free product advertising too, and I probably never will, most especially unless I've tested the product myself and can offer my own observations. but Warren D. said,  Here's an example of a scoop assist handle we created to allow one handed digging without bending your back.  You lift it like you would lift a suitcase using your legs.  It clamps on to any handle. Here it is seen on a Stealth scoop with a carbon fiber handle.

Warren D. Using Scoop Assist Handle On Stealth Scoop.

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Tropical Depression Four has disappeared and there is currently no tropical weather to watch.

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