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7/3/17 Report - State of Treasure Coast Beaches. JFK's Rosary. Musket Ball.

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Fort Pierce Area Beach This Morning Before Low Tide.

I went out to one Fort Pierce area swimming beach this morning to see what was going on.  I checked the dry sand first.  I could tell it had been heavily hunted, as has been the case for at least the past couple of years.  It is detected frequently and thoroughly - probably multiple times a day. Of the targets in the dry sand the vast majority were bottle caps, although they were relatively few.  Some detectorists at that beach are in the habit of removing the trash, and overall it is pretty clean.  

I did find one big spill of coins (couple dollars worth) in the dry sand and one small 9K band that was hidden under three bottle caps.

I could tell that there were a lot of people at the beach this weekend.  You could see where the crowds were.  They covered the beach farther north and south than usual.

If you want to detect the dry sand at the popular swimming beaches this summer, you might want to go when the crowds are just beginning to leave.  If you wait too long, most things will already be picked up by other detectorists.

The coins I found in the dry sand were all really recent drops - still nice and shiny.  Even the coins I found in the wet sand were still nice and shiny.  

As you might expect, the shallow water conditions were not good.  Neither were conditions for finding old things.  Sand has been accumulating in the shallow water and on the beach fronts for months now.

Fort Pierce Area Beach This Morning Before Low Tide.

There is one tropical disturbance way out in the ocean to keep track of.

On the Treasure Coast don't expect any changes real soon. A one foot surf is predicted for several more days.


The late president John F Kennedy’s rosary beads – valued at up to $400,000 (€356,000) – failed to sell at auction in New York last month.

In this centenary year of his birth, mementoes associated with JFK continue to attract intense interest but, for once, bidders baulked at the steep estimate ($300,000-$400,000). The rosary, described by auctioneers Christie’s as “one of the most important and personal possessions” of America’s first Catholic president, had “impeccable providence”, having been later given by JFK “to his best friend and special assistant, David Powers”.

Following his death, his family discovered a hidden cache of mementoes

The rosary beads are made of onyx (a black, semi-precious stone) and are attached to a silver crucifix with the name “John F Kennedy” engraved on the reverse. The decade beads are connected to the antiphon beads by a silver circle containing an image of the Holy Spirit inside of a triangle...

It might have done better if it showed heavy wear from use or there was a photo of him with it.  

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Archaeologists take musket ball of evidence that they are digging in a Revolutionary War trench.

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Yesterday I added a new post to the blog.  It will help us get an idea of how many people depend a lot upon intuition, which was also the subject of my post yesterday.

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