Friday, July 7, 2017

7/7/17 Report - Tropical Depression Four. Intuitive Detecting. Fall Treasure Auction. Metal Detecting Ergonomics.

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Predicted Track For Tropical Depression Four.
Tropical Depression Four is still on the same track as of early Friday morning.


Back a few days ago I asked readers about experiences of intutition.  Here is an example sent to me by Larry.

There was a soccer-sized field in a park in which, over the course of time, I pulled 7 gold rings. Once I got past #4, it became harder each time to believe there could be another one in there, but then eventually I'd get over my skepticism, and start hitting it again. After #6, the drag from my skeptical side just wouldn't let me go back to that field for many months. 

One afternoon, I was feeling oddly enthusiastic and also had the gold fever bad. I wanted to hit that field again, but couldn't imagine how another ring could be hidden in there after all the hours I'd spent hunting it, not to mention the 6 gold rings that were now missing from it. 

So, I brought up the field on google earth, laid the point of my index finger over the screen, closed my eyes, disconnected my mind from my hand,  

It required me to go into a meditative state, I guess, and I must have gotten there, because after some time, I returned to a sense of my body, and my finger was fixed on one spot of that field. That is where the gold would be. 

Without any doubt in my mind, I drove there, walked out into the field. I looked out, and fixed the spot where I believed my finger had rested. I checked one signal on my walk over to the spot, it was a tab. When I got to the spot I'd fixed with my eye, I stopped and swept the coil a couple of times, got a signal. I dug it, and it was a gold wedding band, with several Cartier style bisected circles engraved around the band. It was not a Cartier, however it was 14k gold. That was the 7th and last gold ring I pulled from that field, or any field. Since then, I've found all my gold at the beach.


Thanks for sharing Larry.

Larry's example also supports another thing I talk about: not giving up on a location too soon.  There is often more there than you might think, and it can take multiple hunts to get it all.


You can now book a room or consign to the next Sedwick treasure auction, which will be held in Orlando in November.  Here are the details.


If you metal detect heavily for many years, things will eventually begin to catch up with you.  Even things that are done for health and fitness reasons can cause problems in the long run.  Runners often develop knee problems, for example.  And bench pressing can cause shoulder problems.

When you are young and fit, it might be hard to imagine, but long term repetitive actions can cause parts of the body to wear out.  How many times have you swung that coil back and forth? I have no guess, but over the years it might be close to millions.  Certainly that can cause strain on various parts of the body such as the shoulder or back.  Digging is another thing you will do many times.  Try to do it all as ergonomically as possible.  You might not think it is any big deal now, but it can catch up to you in the long run.

Ergonomics is the science concerned with designing and arranging things so that they are used efficiently and safely. Ergonomics might also be called biotechnology, human engineering or human factors.

I once developed plantar fasciitis, I think from vigorously walking barefoot in the sand so much. That was easy to treat.  There are stretching exercises that seemed to do the job for me.  Good footwear can help too.

For detecting long without getting too tired, try to maintain good posture.  Adjust your rod assembly carefully to the right length so that you can maintain good posture while you detect.  And inch or two on the rod assembly can make a big difference.

Everyone knows that listening to a lot of loud music can cause hearing loss.  I'm also convinced that listening to a constant threshold tone for hours and years on end can cause hearing loss in the frequency range of the threshold tone.  Don't run the threshold any louder than necessary.  I also think that a variable tone is better than a single frequency.

And don't underestimate the effects of the sun, which can cause skin damage and serious cancers.  Don't forget the sun block.  I know of metal detectorists that have had very serious skin problems in the later years.

Ok, that's enough from grandma.


The surf will remain small this week.  The surf predictions are for about a one foot increase in the surf next week.  That isn't much change.

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