Tuesday, July 11, 2017

7/12/17 Report - Capitana Diver Grant Finds Treasure Coast Gold.

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Capitana Diver Grant Shows Off His Find.
Photo by Captain Jonah Martinez

The guys on the Capitana are on the gold trail again.  I just got the following email from Captain Jonah Martinez.

New diver Grant, has been finding silver coins, musket balls, pottery, bronze spikes, encrusted iron artifacts, throughout the season. All the right stuff! The day started like any other. Digging and finding pieces when he got the hit. Two fans of his hand and a flash of gold. Congrats to Grant, welcome to the club.  First gold coin on the boat of the season. 

Here are some fine closeups of the escudo Grant is holding.  Both photos submitted by Captain Jonah.

Here is a BIG congratulations to Grant and the Capitana.

Thanks to Captain Jonah for sharing and keeping us informed!   We are all rooting for you.


There is no new tropical weather to watch.

The surf is supposed to increase to three to five feet on Thursday.

I wanted to get the new find posted.  Maybe I'll add to this post later.

Happy hunting,