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7/28/17 Report - One-Ton Coin-Cache Found by Couple Detectorists. Slow and Systematic Does It. Microchiping.

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Partially Cleaned Clump of 69,000 Coins.
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What would a one-ton clump of coins sound like?  I don't know.  It depends upon how deep it was and maybe some other things, but whatever it sounded like, I bet it didn't sound like what most detectorists would dig.  It wouldn't show up correctly identified on any ID meter.  To find unusual things, you can't do what a lot of people do and pass up questionable signals.

What is the biggest cache every found?  I don't know that either, but this cache of coins weighed a ton and held 69,000 coins.  The cache, which was clumped together with earth, was painstakingly disassembled over a period of three years.  There were also some gold torques that seasoned the pot.

In 2012, a pair of veteran metal detectorists on Jersey in the British Channel Islands discovered a gargantuan coin hoard in a field they had been searching off and on for three decades. The hoard was the largest ever to have been found in Britain and appeared to have the potential to transform interpretations of Jersey’s history. But first it had to be moved. Just getting it out of the ground was fraught with tension. “With earth still attached, it weighed over a ton,” says Neil Mahrer, a museum conservator with Jersey Heritage. “We had no idea how strong it was, in that it was only held together by the corrosion between the coins.”

Here is the link for more about that.

Did you notice that they had been searching the field on and off for three decades before hitting the hoard?


I was reminded of the time when I was doing contract work for the Navy Air Rework Facility in Pensacola and a fellow told me he knew an old hotel site near Milton that he would take me to when work was over.  He had detected the site and not found anything of interest.

I had a detector along.  I don't remember which one, but I arrived at the site, and it looked like a battlefield.  There were holes all over the place.  Not little holes.  They were obviously dug with a shovel and the dirt was piled beside the open holes.

I detected and started finding silver coins right away.  I found tax tokens, a sterling silver plate, a gold lapel pin and some other things.

I don't know why the other fellow wasn't finding anything good.  He just watched me when I was there.  I remember him saying, you stay in one place a long time.

I guess it was true.  I didn't wander around randomly.  I visually surveyed the area and picked the spots that I thought looked most promising.

I assume he was randomly wandering, moving fast and hitting the big loud targets, which would mostly be junk.


This next story was all over the TV news.  You probably saw it.  Microchips are being implanted between the thumb and forefinger to hold identification and financial information.

Cash will be obsolete someday.

Here is the link.


One Disturbance in the Atlantic.
This disturbance isn't expected to develop real soon.

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