Monday, July 31, 2017

7/31/17 Report - Tropical Storm Emily Formed and Will Be Crossing Florida Today.

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Finally we got a little break in the weather.  Yesterday I reported on a disturbance in the Gulf and this morning I awoke to some wind and rain that looked very much like a tropical storm, and indeed yesterday's disturbance had become Tropical Storm Emily.

At 8 AM Monday Emily was over the West Coast of Florida, as you can see above.

The projected path is shown below.


Emily will cross over Central Florida and Cape Canaveral and then out into the Atlantic.  This storm won't cause much beach erosion, but I can use it to illustrate an important point.

Since Emily is to the north of the Treasure Coast today, on the Treasure Coast Monday the wind will be mostly from the south.

The area north of Cape Canaveral will get more erosion out of Emily than the Treasure Coast.  We're on the wrong side of it.  St. Augustine, for example is having a three to four foot surf and northeast winds today.

The MagicSeaWeed chart below shows the surf for Fort Pierce peaking on Tuesday at two to three feet - still not much.


The point is that timing is important, and you can get an idea of the best time and place to detect if you know the path of an organized storm.

It was just a few hours ago that I posted yesterday's post, but I wanted to post about Emily early today.  If you didn't check last night you didn't see yesterday's post.

I might add more to this post later today.

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