Tuesday, July 25, 2017

7/25/17 Report - Salvage Boats, Sandy Beaches and Bathers. Inexpensive Detectors. Fine Watches.

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Salvage Boat Working Directly in Front Of John Brooks Access Today.
I saw at least three salvage boats working around the Nieves site this afternoon.  One (above) was in front of the beach access and two to the north up towards the condominiums.

Two More Salvage Boats North of John Brooks Beach Today.
A Dive Boat This Afternoon Off Another Sandy Beach
It looked to me like some people were getting an early look for the mini-lobster season.

Another Small Surf and Sandy Beach.

People Enjoying Sun and Surf This Afternoon At Jensen Beach.

Jensen Beach To The North.
The people that were wading were mostly gathered at a couple locations.  They weren't very active though.

There aren't any storms brewing in the Atlantic or Gulf.  The water is calm and the tides are very nice, with some big low tides.

We really are having sandy summer conditions, and so far there has been almost nothing to stir things up.


Bounty Hunter Detectors For Sale At A Local Store.

If you are thinking of buying your first metal detector, don't go into a store and buy one without talking to someone who knows something about metal detecting or getting a demonstration.  You are setting yourself up for disappointment.

The thing that bothered me most is on the box, the Bounty Hunter Junior (top) is referred to as "Professional Quality."  That couldn't be farther from the truth.

The Junior was priced at about $60 and the Tracker was listed at about $120.

I don't know how well the Junior works.  I have my suspicions.  You can't expect a lot at that price.

The Tracker is at best a beginner's detector, with a slightly lower price, but with performance that is commonly rated below some other very slightly more expensive metal detectors.  I'm sure you can find a few things with it.

If Bounty Hunter wants me to retract anything I said here, they can send me one and I'll give it a thorough and fair testing and compare it to other similarly priced detectors.


Watches were very common finds for me.  Some were drowned but many continued to work.  It is always good to be informed about the value of the things you might find.  It is too easy to overlook something when you don't know how much it might be worth. You might want to browse through the new Sothebys auction catalog of fine watches.

There are some names you'll recognize, such as Rolex and Patek Philippe, but there are also some other fine vintage and antique time pieces that you might not know, such as Bell and Ross or Maurice Lacroix.

Here is the link.



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