Saturday, November 12, 2011

11/12/11 Report - Treasure Hunt at DuBois Stopped & Sheathing

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Unusual Jade and Gold Ring Find.

I like this one, partly because it seems so unique.

I good bit of lead and copper sheathing has recently been found at different locations on Treasure Coast beaches. I was having a discussion with someone that found some copper sheathing and mentioned that copper sheathing replaced lead sheathing in the mid 1800s. That was not very accurate. Although there were trends at different times, both lead and copper sheathing have been used for a very long time. Its hard to make any generalizations about that without a lot of ifs, ands and buts.

Here is a link to an article that discusses the history of the use of lead and copper hull sheathing.

The treasure hunt at DuBois Park is off. It seemed like some of the officials were actually excited about the possibilities, and then in came those who believe that history should remain buried unless they are the ones to discover and uncover it. And it seems that anything and everything in the ground these days is considered historical or archaeologically significant. If they really wanted to uncover history, I'm sure they could have easily recruited a lot of volunteers and made arrangements to do this hunt properly.

Thanks to Joan T. for providing the link to this story.,0,7136565.story

The wind is now from the northeast but the seas have calmed down to around four or five feet. Yesterday there were still a few spot where the waves were cutting a little out of the back dunes. At other location the water wasn't getting near the dunes. You have to look around.

The surf web sites predict calmer seas through the weekend and much of next week, eventually increasing again around Friday.

Sean is now well away from us and nothing much is showing up in the Atlantic.

Due to the few recently eroded dune areas and the decreasing seas, there will be some good spots to check this weekend. I'm keeping my beach conditions rating at a 2.

You might be able to get into some of the low tide areas that haven't been accessible for a while as the seas decrease.

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