Wednesday, November 23, 2011

11/23/11 Report - Happy Thanksgiving Wishes

Sand and Shells on Front of One Treasure Coast Beach This Morning.

It was a beautiful morning for going to the beach, and a lot of people were doing it. I saw a lot of fishermen in the lagoon and a lot of surfers out early today.
The wind was coming from the west and producing some nice waves for surfing. It felt pretty much like summer again. And it looked like summer, with all of the shells and sand piling up on the beach fronts.

The detecting was quite as bad a summer though. There are some targets out there.

I found one area with coins and stuff spread on a firm sloping beach front. The water did get up a little higher than I expected, but didn't hit any dune areas that I saw.

More Sand and Shells on Front Beach.

For beach hunting, I'd focus on the low tide zone for now. And maybe check the areas where the beach goers are congregating.

Conditions for detecting old shipwreck items remains poor. You might be able to find a few things - copper and iron, wood, pot shards, etc. in addition to recent drops.

There was one nice piece of an old shipwreck plank on one beach.

Decent but not great shell hunting, if you know someone that likes that.

A whale graveyard was found on top of a desert hill more than a kilometer (half a mile) from the surf.

Here is the link.

A Mayan kitchen, 40 meters long and 14 meters wide, dating at 750-950 A.D., has been found. Here is the link to that story.

Seas will run three to four feet through tomorrow (Thanksgiving) and then increase up to six feet over the weekend. Six feet is occasionally enough to improve beach detecting conditions if the angles are right.

We'll have to see how that goes.

I had some other things for you today but didn't get to them yet. Need to take some photos and things.

Being thankful is a gift in itself.

Happy Thanksgiving,