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11/26/11 Report - 18th Century Caulking Tool, Sloth Tooth, and Lots to Read

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18th Century Caulking Tool.

I've dug chisels on wreck beaches and seen several that were dug by others. Some were broken. It is not easy to determine the date, origin and use of chisels. They are usually very utilitarian and plain and there is little to provide diagnostic clues.

I noticed this 18th Century caulking tool listed in ebay. A person could easily believe that it was a chisel.

I would guess that caulking tools would routinely be found on old sailing ships.

This one is 3.9 inches long.

You might find the entire description and the additional photos both interesting and helpful. The eBay item number is 370562640752.

Below is a recent Treasure Coast find. It is a fossilized tooth.

My guess is that it is a giant sloth tooth, but I'm not sure yet.

Maybe Fred D. or someone can say.

Giant Sloth Tooth?

Here is a chapter of a book that is being written by a geologist from the University of California, Richard Cowen. The chapter is about New World treasure transported to Spain.

You'll want to read this. Among many other items of interest, it lists the amount of silver and gold transported year by year.

Here is the link to that chapter.

Again, you'll want to read this.

Treasure Coast Beach Forecast and Conditions.

The wind is now more from the east. Seas are running about five feet, but the high tide will not be as high today, so I suspect that there won't be any more dune erosion.

The seas will slacken off and be low during the middle of the week, but there is hope for next week. The surf predictions are showing increasing seas again next week.

I'd get back to hunting the low tide zone until seas increase again next weekend.

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