Monday, November 21, 2011

11/21/11 Report - Beach Conditions Rating Downgrade

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One Treasure Coast Beach This Morning

Well, it looks like what little erosion we had last weekend is over. It wasn't too much to begin with.

I didn't really get around too much. I was out of the area for part of the weekend.

I did see that the wind was coming from the southeast later yesterday, and also today. That usually means building seas, and that seems to be the case today.

I didn't see many beaches today, but the few that I did see looked poor, very much like the one shown in the top photo.

I didn't get around too much this weekend and could have easily missed some good spots, but I think I've seen enough to downgrade my beach conditions rating to a 1 again.

Rainbow From Frederick Douglas Park This Morning.

There was a little rain this morning.

I was going to use the blog poll to validate my Beach Conditions Rating Scale. The results of the poll so far seem to show what I would expect from the conditions that we've had.

I expected a few cobs to be found a couple weeks ago when i issued a 3 rating, and that happened. Since it was possible that some were found Sunday or Saturday somewhere, that makes my conclusions a little less certain. For testing my conditions rating scale, I'd would have preferred if we didn't get the high seas Saturday. Of course, I'm glad we did get the high seas, it just came at a time that
made it a little harder to draw firm conclusions from my poll.

At low tide this morning the ocean looked calmer than I expected. The surf web sites are predicting four foot seas through today, then decreasing a few days, and then back up to over five feet again.

I'm not expecting many good finds right now, but I can tell you there are a number of targets on the front beach in the low tide zone. Mostly iron and mixed materials, but something interesting might show up there.

It didn't look to me like the tidy hit any of the back dunes this weekend. Maybe some place, but not much.

Well, that's it for this morning. I have some more, but it'll have to wait.

Happy hunting,