Wednesday, November 9, 2011

11/9/11 Report - North of Jupiter & South of Fort Pierce Inlets

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Beach North of Jupiter Inlet.

I've heard of some good finds from here lately.

Thanks to Bill C. for the photo.

I heard on the radio that they dumped some sand on Bathtub Beach and declared it "stabilized." I thought that was funny. It was only a week or two ago that they finished a huge project and all of that sand disappeared.

The beach just south of Fort Pierce inlet lost a lot of sand the in the past few days. One day I went there and there was still a few yards of that white renourishment sand left. Today all you can see is the brown sand.

Beach By Fort Pierce Inlet This Morning.

You can see a photo of the same spot if you go back a couple of posts.

There was some of the white sand under the brown sand.

Last night the tides reached farther back into the dunes on some beaches. Not much erosion though.

In some places the water washed up and into the parking lots but still didn't cause many cuts.

Most of the beaches did not improve last night. I would be looking for the places where the water hit the back dunes and may have washed some things out.

Crumpled Lead Sheet Dug Monday.

As you probably know lead sheathing was used to protect the hulls on old ships such as the Santa Margarita.

Of course lead was used for many purposes, including the making of musket balls and general patching.

Lead sheathing used as hull sheathing will have a lot of nail holes and an imprint of course cloth on one side.

The piece shown in the following photo has neither of those, so I assume it was used for another purpose. It is unusually thick for hull sheathing anyhow.

Here is a link if you want to learn more about lead hull sheathing on Spanish treasure ships.

A lot of old square and copper nails and iron artifacts are being found but very few cobs. The cobs that I know of were found back a few days ago.

Also a lot of modern coins and jewelry is being found.

Most beaches are mushy and have been over-washed. There are a few spot that display nice cuts.

The wind is from the north now, but the swells seem to still be coming directly at the beaches. That is why there is so little erosion on many beaches.

The seas will be decreasing a little tomorrow and for the next few days.

I'm sticking with my Treasure Coast Treasure Beach "2" rating for now.

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