Saturday, November 19, 2011

11/19/11 Report - Treasure Coast Beach Conditions Upgrade

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One Treasure Coast Beach This Morning.

What I want to show with this photo is the two distinct zones. Towards the front of the beach is about twenty yards of recently accumulated sand. It is a lighter color than the sand behind.

There are a lot of shells in this sand, and some aluminum and some heavier metal items.

Behind that sand is a darker sand and a zone that has not been as recently accumulated.

Some of the beach fronts are very junky with a lot of sea weed and trashed piled up.

The beach immediately south of Fort Pierce inlet shows multiple layers and remnants of multiple cuts. About eight different layers or zones are visible. It is really a mess. You can't see the white replenishment sand anymore there.

A Few Small Cuts That Started Friday.

This is the same beach shown above, but from a different angle. You can see the light color sand and the shells back near where the last high tide ended, along with a sea weed line.

The wind blew pretty good most of Friday and the sea was rough. The problem is that the waves here seem to be hitting straight on instead of a good angle.

There are however a few beaches that have continually lost sand, and some that regained that sand and more, only to lose it again.

You might find some mixed finds as some of the layers are thin.

There are things being found, although cobs still seem to be scarce at this point. The finds seem to mirror the current poll results. Clad, jewelry, fossils, etc. Lots of good shell hunting at some locations, if you know anyone who is into that.

As I've mentioned you can often find other things in shell piles.

There are some beaches that are doing better. I'm raising my Treasure Coast Treasure Beach Detecting Scale Rating to a 2.

If the past few days didn't result in so much beach filling, we would be in much better shape today, but that new sand has to be moved again.

It looks like the seas will remain pretty rough all through the week even though decreasing some. There is another bump predicted for around the end of next week.

There will be enough action to create a few good beaches. You might have to look around to find the good ones though. I'd first check those that were looking good a few days ago.

Take a look at some of the better looking beaches that I've posted recently.

I'm still getting reports a good bit of clad, jewelry and artifacts such as spikes.

Nice Plank With Spikes.

Found by Bill C.

Photo submitted with club update by Bernie C.

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