Friday, November 25, 2011

11/25/11 Report - Scarce Scattered Cuts and Wash-outs

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Eroded Dune Friday Morning.

Since the wind blew all night, I thought I'd go out this morning to see what was going on. Everybody else was shopping or something. There was almost no one at the beach - no fishermen, no surfers, no beach combers. It was pretty vacant.

Anyhow, I noticed that the water was coming up higher than I expected it to. It was almost reaching the dunes, and was higher than it had been recently. I thought I could probably find a place or two where the dunes were being eroded at least a little, so I went to a place where the dunes were eroding three or so weeks ago.

I often check the places that eroded last when the water gets high again. I was right this time. The spot that eroded about three weeks ago, was eroding again a little. And there were some wash outs.

Above is a photo of where the water was hitting the bottom of the dune and uncovering material that has been covered for quite some time.

I love freshly washed and exposed areas like that. They are good places to eye-ball as well as detect.

The water was hitting the foot of the dunes and exposing two or three old layers when the tide was high and also cutting a few steps in front of the dunes.

Another Eroding Spot on Friday Morning Near High Tide.

I took my time working both of these areas and found a variety of objects. None great, but interesting. Some coins and some iron artifacts. No recent drops here.

My main point today, is that the water was getting high up on the beach this morning and created a little erosion, some of which was into the foot of the dunes. If you look around enough you might find a spot like this to investigate for yourself. They are few and scattered, but they are out there.

The high tides were higher than normal. You could see that the tide charts show that.

Seas are running five to six feet along the Treasure Coast. Unfortunately it looks to me like the wind has shifted and is no longer coming from the north. This is one of those times when you might want to look around to see if you can find one of the spots like I showed you today.

Despite the eroded spot, I'm maintaining a 1 rating for overall Treasure Coast beach conditions.

Happy hunting,