Tuesday, November 8, 2011

11/8/11 Report - Beach Conditions Not Great But Some Older Miscellaneous Targets Still Being Found

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1 Real Found By Ian A.

Ian is not sure this is real yet and will be having it checked. I can see ample reason for suspicion but won't pass judgement on the basis of a photo alone.

I've received a number of reports from people around and just outside of the Treasure Coast proper. As you undoubtedly realize, I can't be everywhere or see everything,and I appreciate the reports that I do receive.

From the reports that I've received, it seems that north of the Treasure Coast might be the best bet - people seem to be digging plenty of stuff, much of it old, up in the Cocoa/Melborne area.

I also had one good report about the Jupiter and the Stuart areas. The reports I got on those areas are unverified though, and I don't have the highest confidence in the sources of those reports. Maybe some others wil send in reports from down there.

On the Treasure Coast proper, I've not heard anything real promising for a couple of days, and my personal observations indicated that things deteriorated a bit yesterday and the previous night.

The cobs that were found on the Treasure Coast, including Ian's possible cob, were found back around Friday/Saturday. Despite the big seas Sunday, Sunday didn't seem to do us much good. From what I've seen, Monday wasn't much good for cob finds either.

People have been finding some older stuff on the Treasure Coast, including things like old square and copper nails. I've been seeing a lot of those kind of finds lately.

One beach that heavily eroded is Bathtub beach and Sailfish Point. The recent renourishment project on Bathtub Beach is gone. It lasted little more than a week and the beach is closed again while they dump more sand even during the rough surf!?

Here is a link to an article about that sent in by Joan T.


More tax-payer dollars dumped into the water. That beach is shut off from the normal flow of sand by the rocks and sea wall to the north. It just won't hold the sand.

On some beaches on the Treasure Coast that were previously cut, like Blind Creek, the cuts have disappeared. Some cuts like that were over-washed on Sunday, and now all that is left of those over-washed beaches is mush.

Higher cuts, like those at Seagrape Trail are still in place because they were not washed over, but the eroded renourishment sand there is piled on the beach front.

As I've mentioned before, some beaches, such as Seagrape, have a big sand bar out in front of the beach.

James F., a highly reliable source, reports that there are some good spot where interesting things, possibly old shipwreck items, are being found up in the Cocoa area.

One Pound Coin Found.

This is one find made by Ken A. up to the north of the Treasure Coast.

I've had multiple reports that Bon Steel is poor, and I would say that is true just from the fact that the entire Sebastian inlet area and down to Wabasso looked pretty poor to me the other day, and I have reports of very few finds from Wabasso.

Frederick Douglas is very mushy and looks poor too.

As I said, some older items have been found, and I'll have some more photos of finds in the near future.

I am analyzing a heavy piece of a thick lead sheet or patch. It doesn't seem to be hull sheathing, which usually shows square nail holes or the imprint of coarse cloth on one side.

I'm thinking it is simply patching material or meant to be melted for miscellaneous uses.

From the surf predictions, it looks like we have a couple more days of high seas before the swells start to decrease. Hope remains. If we could just get more of a north/northeast wind, which I'm starting to doubt is going to happen. Nonetheless, conditions remain slightly better than poor. right now I would rate detecting conditions as a minimal 2 on my five point scale.

When the seas decrease, it would be worth checking out the low tide area for items that you couldn't get to during the high seas.

We'll see what tomorrow brings.

Happy hunting,