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4/11/12 Report - $42,000 Gold Escudo, Local Man's Miraculous Medallion & Spanish Missions

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1714 Mexican 8-Escudo Sold in the Sedwick Coins Auction Yesterday.

This was the star of the gold coins sold in the first session of the auction yesterday. It was struck with Royal dies and brought a bid of $42,500.

When I was watching the live bidding, I noticed that the undated Bogata 2-escudos were going for around $1600 while the dated examples were bringing about twice that amount.

A number of gold coins went unsold.

The auction continues today.

A Sebastian man no longer has to polish his religious medallion after visiting Medjugorje.

Here is the link.

One thing I don't like about silver is how it tarnishes. On the other hand, I think a little oxidation can actually bring out the features and enhance the appearance of vintage items.

Here is a good article about the early Spanish missions and efforts to convert the Native Americans.

The article includes a map showing the location of some of the early missions.

If you ever read fiction, I'd recommend Silas Marner. Good book about buried gold and lots more.

There are still a good number of recent drops remaining on the beaches from Spring Break and Easter.

Dug Metal Toy Plane.

I didn't realize they are still making toys like this of heavy metal instead of plastic. The plane is rather well made. The propellers still rotate even though it was dug from about seven inches of wet packed sand. Just another example of the variety of types of things you'll find on a beach.

I was a fooled by the signal my detector gave on this one.

A bunch of modern coins were found at about the same depth in the same area.

Another little cold front came through with the wind coming from the northwest. Seas are down around two feet or so. The swells are coming from the south. That means light material will wash up on the front beach, especially since the high tides have been higher than normal.

One person did tell me yesterday that they were finding lots of shells and some sea glass. Check out any big shell piles. Look for pot shards, fossils, arrow heads, copper, etc.

The seas will be building daily until this weekend when the predictions are for four foot and higher seas.

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