Saturday, April 21, 2012

4/21/12 Report - Small Gold & Spain Still Trying to Get More From Odyssey

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Small Piece of Gold Found on Florida Beach With Metal Detector.

I know.  I should have included an object for comparison.

This piece only weighs .015 oz. or .3 dwt. and is about 1/8 inch across and pretty much flat.

Talking about small pieces of gold, here is an article on the first piece of gold discovered at Sutter's Mill, including a photo of the piece.

Neat story and very historic piece of gold.

Did you ever read the story of E. Gold Buffum, who was one of the early prospectors to join the California gold rush?  One of the newpapers back East published his story in four installments. 

Now Spain wants Odyssey Marine to pay them $4 million for legal fees and costs for the Back Swan case.  Can you believe it?

And from the GLOBE NEWSWIRE, April 12, 2012.

Odyssey Marine Explorations will hold a conference call with management at 10:30 a.m. ET (7:30 a.m. PT) on May 4, 2012, to discuss operations progress, 2012 recovery operations plans and other corporate developments.

Dial-in (U.S.): 1-480-629-9692 or 1-800-762-8779

Dial-in (International): +1-480-629-9692

Those interested in listening to the conference call live via the Internet may do so by visiting Odyssey's website at To listen to the live call, please go to the website 15 minutes prior to its start to register, download and install the necessary audio software. The conference call will also be archived on Odyssey's website.

Here is some news from Daniel Frank Sedwick.

Additional details can be found by going to

And from the Mel Fisher organization, the salvage vessel Dare has been significantly upgraded and is back in the hunt.

We've had a couple days of thunder storms.  The rain was needed.  I like the rain and wind but can really do without the lightening.   You can often hear the static from it in your ear phones while it is still far away.

Don't take any chances.  Its not worth it.

Thunder storms can create some good local waves, but another good thing about a hard rain is that it will cause some erosion on the back dunes when the conditions are right.  Inland too.  Check out any gulleys for exposed items.

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