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4/27/12 Report - Iron, Copper, Fossils and Ghost Ships(?)

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 One Treasure Coast Beach This Morning.

This beach had a fairly steep slope and was mushy.  I saw another beach that had a low flat front beach. 

I wouldn't expect to find cobs on either beach, or anywhere on the Treasure Coast right now for that matter, however there are occasional surprises.

Despite the lack of good shipwreck cobs or coins there were a lot of targets to dig on some of the beaches of the Treasure Coast.

I found a lot of old iron and copper targets on one beach, while another beach offered a lot of aluminum.  

I'm often surprised by how much is left out there, even when conditions are poor.  I would think that a lot of that stuff would be picked up.

Large Iron Target Dug at One Treasure Coast Beach This Morning.
This rod was over two feet long.  Just one example.  Like I mentioned, there was also a lot of copper.

Although you might not be interested in an iron rod, I wouldn't pass up all large iron targets.  You never know what kind of artifact might emerge.

I could tell this was a rod from the signal.  I've talked before about how you can often identify the size, approximate shape and depth of targets using pin-point mode.

And there were a good many shells this morning on some of the beaches.  Also some sea glass and some fossils.

Below is a 3 inch length of fossilized bone that was laying on the surface.  There were quite a few larger sized fossil pieces visible in the low tide zone.  This is just one example

There are a lot of ghost hunting and TV shows about the paranormal these days.  It seems to be a very hot topic.  While I won't say that I saw a ghost, I did observe a variety of very strange occurrences at the Stanley Hotel.
The Ghost Hunter TV show did a program at that hotel, and it is supposed to be one of the most haunted hotels in the country.  My personal experiences were enough to cause a person to wonder.

Anyhow, someone once asked me if I ever observed any paranormal activity on a shipwreck beach.  They thought that those shipwreck sites might be a place where there would be paranormal activity because of all of the history of the wrecks etc.   My answer was no, I had never seen any paranormal activity on those beaches.

More recently I was watching one of those TV shows where a ball of light seemed to float over a field on an old plantation in the West Indies, and it reminded me of something I did observe one night on a Treasure Coast shipwreck beach.

It was very dark.  I couldn't see my hand in front of my face.  The wind was blowing and there were ten foot seas. 

I looked out, and not far from shore there was one bright light.  My first thought was that there was a boat out there.  I wondered if there was a drug drop or something going on.  Who else would have been out there that close to shore in pitch dark in stormy 10 foot seas?

I just kept watching for something to happen even though no on could have seen much of anything without night vision equipment.  I as antsy about being there under those conditions, and now realize that I really shouldn't have been.

Slowly the light got smaller and finally disappeared.  I thought the boat had gone.  But thinking back, I didn't hear any motor.  Maybe I didn't hear it because I had ear phones on and the wind was blowing like crazy.  But thinking back, I also realized that the light didn't bob up and down at all.   And I don't think it could have been a large boat.  

So there it is.  I can't explain it.  It doesn't seem to make any sense to me, but it did seem to match the appearance of the floating light that I saw on that TV program. 

I don't know. 

Treasure Coast Beach Detecting Conditions Report.

I've described current conditions above.

Tomorrow, seas will increase a little, and then increasing throughout Sunday, and reaching seven feet or more by Monday.

That could definitely be enough to improved detecting conditions,  but it will depend upon other factors such as wind direction and timing.

I'll wait a little longer to make a more detailed forecast.

Happy hunting,