Monday, April 23, 2012

4/23/12 Report - Pile of Coins & More

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Coins At Ferry Boat Pilings.

There must be a hundred pounds of all kinds of coins around these pilings.   I saw them a couple of days ago.   If you could get access to dive here, imagine all of the coins on the bottom.  You wouldn't have to use a metal detector,  Just scoop them up.

And you know that if people were throwing coins like that, a ring or bracelet would occasionally slip off too.  Keep your eyes open for new fresh bonanza spots.

Keep your eyes open and look for creative bonanzas.   Most people hunt the same old places over and over again and miss out on lot of good spots.

This morning I just did a little hunting close to home in a woods.  That little magnet on a pole that I showed in a YouTube video in a post a few days ago really works well.

You can stick your coil back under bushes or briers and then if you get a signal stick the magnet back there and pull out any iron trash such as nails or rusty fence wire with no trouble.  It is really a time saver.  It saves a lot of time picking rusty items out of dry leaves too.  I think you'll find you won't even have to dig some large percentage of the time if you are working a junky area like that.  Just scoot the surface material aside with one sweep of your foot, and if it moved stick the magnet in, and click, there it is.

You'll be surprised how much is missed by detectorists who don't bother to look under bushes and briers, even in big city parks.

A small pole with a small trowel attached to one side and the magnet on the other worked well.

Ear Ring Beach Metal Detector Find.
This nice 18k ear ring has various colors of gold for the cross bars.  The different colors didn't show up in the photo very well though.

Did you know that different purities and colors of gold have a different specific gravity?   They do because of the alloys used. 

Still the different purities and types of gold are closer to each other in specific gravity than to other metals.

Wayne sent in this link to a web site giving the specific gravity of a variety of metals, including different karat values of gold.   Pure gold is the most dense, with the various other karat values being less dense, such as 18, 14, and 10k.   A lot of other metals and much more detail is included in this chart.

Thanks Wayne.

Treasure Coast Beach Detecting Forecast and Conditions.

Another front passed through.  The air was a little cool this morning.  

The West wind we had with that front has now switched around and is coming from the north, as are the swells.  However, seas are only running about three feet.  That means no real change in conditions.

During the middle of the week, the seas are predicted to be very calm.  Another good time for low tide or water hunting.

Keep your eyes open for fresh new opportunities.  Try something different once in a while. 

Happy hunting,