Monday, April 9, 2012

4/9/12 Report - Easter Holiday Replenished Some Busy Beaches

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One Detectorist at Jensen Beach This Morning.

The bad news is that the upgrade didn't last long. I'm dropping my Treasure Coast Beach Detecting Conditions Rating back to a 1 (poor).

The good news is that there are a lot of recent drops remaining on the busier Easter beaches.

I ran into a nice coin line on a front beach in the wet sand. I followed that for a while. A lot of the coins were near the surface, but there were also a good many down under around seven or eight inches of sand on top of a layer of shells.

The wet sand wasn't easy to work since the water was coming onto the beach pretty hard.

At some locations the waves were breaking nicely and there were a good number of surfers.

Below is another beach. This is the same beach that I showed yesterday and the same beach that had two to three foot cuts a couple of days ago. As you can see those cuts are now gone.

This is what has been happening as most of the fronts have been moving through quickly and causing some cuts when the wind is from the north, but then when the wind shifts to the east, and eventually to the southeast, the cuts disappear and the beaches build again.

Previously Cut Beach That Filled In.

The well preserved wreck of the Navy brig Somers was discovered in 110 feet of water off the Mexican coast where it sank in a storm in 1846. The wreck was originally discovered in 1986 but kept a secret.

Here is a link to that story.

Bernie C., founder of the St. Lucie Metal Detecting Club sent, had this to say.

Our next club meeting will be at 6:00pm May 12Th 2012.

The meeting will be held at my house. BYOB. This meeting we can order some pizza from our local Italian restaurant.

If you need directions give me(Bernie) a call 786-246-9335.

Here is a web site that shows a variety of artifacts from US colonial life. It's worth browsing.

The blog poll looks like it will give some good data concerning the prevalence of fake coin finds. I'm eager to see how it comes out.

Happy hunting,