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4/6/12 Report - Seven Foot Seas Predicted & Much More

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Happy Easter.

The big news today is the higher seas - the highest we've had for quite a while. Seven foot seas are predicted for this afternoon and evening.

So far not much has happened. The best chance for improved beach detecting conditions on the Treasure Coast is this evening.

The high tides are going to be higher than normal. The high tide around nine PM gives the best chance for improvement. That is when peak seas, northeast winds, and the high tide might all come together.

As you might know, Easter falls on the first Sunday after the first full moon after the Spring equinox.

Tomorrow we'll still have relatively rough seas, but the wind will sihft a little.

Easter morning might not be a bad time for hunting more than eggs. Still, my expectations are not high. Things have been so slow for so long that any chance of improvement is worth noting.

Did I mention that the west winds yesterday (Friday) were creating some nice surfing waves? They were breaking nicely around the morning high tide, and a lot of surfers were out.

A lot of factors are involved. Hopefully it will all come together to at least improve beach hunting conditions a little.

A wooden post from an old fort were found at a construction site on Fort Lauderdale Beach. Everyone knew it was there, now they are starting an archaeological dig. Hundreds of artifacts were found at the site.

Back in the eighties musket balls and other artifacts were routinely found by detectorists around there.

Here is the link to the article on the recent discovery.

Did you notice the metal detector they are using in the video?

I ran across a web site asking for tips on where to hide cash or coins. It seems that a lot of people are expecting the collapse of the economy or the society and are preparing for a chaotic lawless time. Of course that isn't entirely new, but it seems to have gained some momentum recently. People are accumulating food and supplies and storing gold or other valuables.

It isn't uncommon for people who hide valuables to fail to recover them. Sometimes they forget where they hid the items, and sometimes they die before recovering them. There are a lot of stories of grandpa passing away without ever telling anyone where he hit the loot.

I read one story about a house burning down and a melted clump of gold coins was found. The coins were secreted in the wall of the house.

I don't think people realize how hard it can be to relocate hidden caches.

Anyhow, the modern survivalist movement might result in more future caches.

Treasure hunters could offer some good advice on where to hide valuables and where not to hide valuables.

I ran across one article in which a person asked a former burglar where a person should hide their money or other valuables. The burglar said in the bank. I've said that many times myself in this blog in the past. It is a good idea to keep any valuable finds in a safe deposit box.

One thing the burglar did recommend is leaving moderate amount of cash in an obvious place so any burglar would quickly find it and leave without tearing the house apart.

The burglar also recommended leaving a list of valuables on a paper marked "Safe Deposit Box." That would prevent them from spending more time hunting for valuables in the house.

I received an email from the Mel Fisher organization recently reporting that The Mel Fisher salvage vessel “Dare” is ready for sea trials on its new engine this week, and will be back on the Atocha and/or the Margarita trails next week.

Across from the nuclear power plant on South Hutchinson Island, they are renourishing the beach. Sand is being dumped in front of the cliff and sea oates are being planted.

Sea oats are protected, so you don't walk on the sea oats or otherwise damage them.

So far the renourishment project is still pretty far north of the Walton Rocks beach entrance. I don't know how far south they are going to go. Since our electric bills are probably paying for this, I suspect they'll go as far as the boundaries of their property. No end to that money.

A lost wallet with $10,000 was found and returned anonymously.

Happy Easter!