Tuesday, April 10, 2012

4/10/12 Report - Sedwick Auction Goes Live, Blog Poll Results & More

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Marlins Pin Find.

You can find almost anything on a beach. Here is one baseball collectible find. It is a trading pin.

Just one more example of the miscellaneous types of things that are out there.

Live bidding on the Sedwick Coins auction will be begin today, April 10, at noon. The lots go very quickly.

I was very pleased with the blog poll this time. It seems I got the wording about right and didn't leave out any critical categories. And there were over 100 respondents, so the sample size is good.

I'm going to go ahead and publish the preliminary results even though there is a little time left, and if the results change at all, I'll make the corrections later.

So here are the results.

Of those who read this blog and responded to the poll, about 65% have never found either a real or fake treasure coin. It isn't easy, and it has been especially difficult the last couple of years, which just haven't produced excellent conditions. And some of my readers aren't local and are limited to quick visits to the Treasure Coast.

About 22% of the respondents have at one time or another found a treasure coin. Here I'm using the term coin in a general sense to include cobs even though cobs are not technically coins.

This poll doesn't tell us how many coins or cobs, just if a person has found any at all or not.

About the same percent (23%) of the respondents have found fake coins or cobs at one time.

About twelve percent of the respondents have found both fake and real coins.

A similar number found only fakes (11%) or only real coins (10%). To look at it another way, about 1 out of 4 have found a real treasure coin, and a similar percent have found a fake treasure coin.

You should realize that if you find a treasure coin, it is about as likely to be fake as real. That means if you can't tell the difference by looking at it, you should know how to check it out. I talked about that in recent posts.

The distribution of responses to this poll remained fairly constant from the time the poll began until it closed. Sometimes I've seen these polls looking one way, after a day or two but totally different by the time all the responses were in. This one looked pretty much the same from beginning to end, which gives me a little more confidence in the results.

Close to two thirds of the respondents have not found a treasure coin yet. Of course, that includes a lot of people that have not been detecting for a long time and people from other areas that don't get to hunt as often as they might want, as well as those who simply haven't yet been at the right place at the right time. If you are in the group that hasn't found one yet, you are not alone. After you find your first, there is a good chance you will find more. As I've said before, it took me a number of trips to the Treasure Coast before I got my first. If I correctly recall, I got a fake first. That can be confusing if you are relatively new to the game, and can end up being very disappointing.

I primarily started this poll to find out how likely it would be for a person to find a fake treasure coin. I'm confident that I now have a good answer to that.

Here is a fun and informative web site. It tells about the 1519 expedition of Cortes and gives a list of the types of personnel involved as well as a list of military supplies.

There were a good many swordsmen. Only 13 musketeers. And there were 2 blacksmiths.

You'll probably want to see the entire list.

Here is the link.


A list of supplies is also presented on that web site.

Very interesting.

Conditions haven't changed since yesterday. The wind is from the south and the swells from the east.

Seas are pretty smooth. Another nice day to be out even though beach conditions are poor.

Happy hunting,