Sunday, April 8, 2012

4/8/12 Report - Happy Easter - Beach Conditions Upgrade

I didn't plan to post today, but I do have an upgrade worth mentioning. It probably won't last long, so I thought I better get it posted.

I'm upgrading my Treasure Coast Beach Detecting Conditions Rating from a 1(poor) to a 2.

Many parts of the beach have not eroded at all, but there are a few spots such as the one shown below that have eroded some.

Unfortunately there isn't a lot of erosion.

The beach shown in the photo had two to three foot cuts, but a lot of the area in front of the cuts was mushy. The sharpest cuts on this beach weren't caught in this photo.

One Treasure Coast Beach Saturday Showing Up To Three Foot Cuts.

I do believe that in those few areas where the water hit the beach just right a cob or two might be found.

You'll probably have to scout around to find the few better spots.

The water did get pretty high on the beach at high tide.

I'd call this a minimal 2 rating.

I do have some good historical materials for you, but won't post them until later.

Happy Easter.