Tuesday, April 24, 2012

4/24/12 Report - Moles Digging History & Cleopatra in Gold

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Large 14K Medallion.

OK!  I finally remembered to include the coin for comparison.  Actually, my first picture didn't include the coin, so i went back and took another photo.

So it's not a nice shiny coin, but it is the cleanest one I could find.

Anyhow, this is a good size for a medallion.  And kinda nice.

It was a beach metal detector find.

I wonder how many target ID detectors would get it right?

Speaking of target ID, I posted a new poll.  I think the most recently concluded poll provided some very good information.

I ran across this great article telling about how people are standing around watching for artifacts that moles (those little burrowing animals) are digging up.   Its a little ironic.

You probably recall some of those articles by archaeologists stating that artifacts have "NO" value when removed from context.   That doesn't seem consistent with this mole hill watching behavior.   The moles moved the artifacts.  Good thing they aren't human, or they would likely have their cars confiscated.

The article says that the moles don't understand the laws.   It fails to mention that many laws relating to artifacts aren't understood by anyone.   If you've been reading the articles referenced in this blog in the recent past, you've read about that too.

Anyhow, I found this article both funny and thought provoking.
Here is the link.


A little off topic, but I received an email about a virus that is circulating.  It seems that some emails are being hacked, or at least used to carry programs that generate spam email.   I just thought I'd warn you about opening emails from people you don't know. 

Not all the emails you receive are from the person or place suggested by the email header.  They can now send email that looks like it came from anyone.   Just because the header says an email is from JoeSmoe@Heaven.com, that doesn't mean that it really is.   Spammers are counterfeiting (if that is the right word, and it probably isn't) email addresses now.

One trick I've seen recently is email that looks like it is from Joe Smoe being sent to Joe Smoe.  When Joe sees it, he thinks he must have sent himself something, maybe a reminder, and opens it only to find out that is is something he never wrote.  So again,  be careful.

I almost never write to individuals except in response to emails that I received, so if you get an email from me and haven't written to me, I probably didn't send it.  Not that I've heard of that happening, but from what I've seen, it could.

Without promoting this blog, it is absolutely remarkable that the blog has such a large and loyal reader base.
Thanks to you all.

Sorry to be off topic, but with some of the viruses and spam going around, I thought you should be warned.

If anyone wants to submit a review on their detector, maybe experiences with a new detector or new tricks or experiences, email me.

Don't forget the Annual Treasure Hunters Cookout coming up this weekend.

Treasure Coast Beach Detecting Conditions and Forecast.

Conditions remain poor for finding cobs.  

The wind and swells are now from the north.   Seas are around two feet today, not much more.

In the middle of the week, we'll have real calm seas and very good conditions for hunting the low tide zone and in the water.

Happy hunting,

14K Gold Medallion.