Monday, April 30, 2012

4/30/12 Report - Some Erosion on the Treasure Coast Last Night

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This morning I found a few hundred yards of one to two foot cuts.  I was surprised.  I saw more erosion than I expected.  I think it occurred last night.

I somehow lost the photo that I took.  I think my camera battery ran down.

It was almost enough erosion to upgrade my beach detecting conditions rating.

There was too much sand on the front beaches to make them productive though.

You might want to check around for other spots.  As you know, different beaches react differently.  While one beach erodes another may build.  In fact I saw that this morning.  I did visit a second beach and it was covered with sea weed and had accumulated new sand.

The seas will peak tonight.  I think we won't get much more than 5 or 6 foot seas.  And the wind is almost directly from the east.  That isn't good. 

I won't upgrade my beach conditions yet, and don't expect to this week.  Maybe there will be a surprise though.

More than coins can be found with a metal detector.  A lot more.  

A camera memory card was found by one detectorist.  Not just any memory card, but one containing cherished memories that were lost by a family.  And then returned by the detectorist.

Here is the link.

Don't focus your detecting too narrowly.  Appreciate all of the different kinds of finds that can be made.  And their value - not only monetary but sentimental value as well.

As digital media become increasingly prominent, don't overlook finds like this.

If detecting is banned, a lot of cherished items and memories like these will be lost for good.

After a metal detector survey at the supposed site of Fort Ann's Battle, instead of reevaluating in light of the new evidence, archaeologists concluded that the failure to find any signs of the battle was simply because looters had removed all artifacts.  Others say that the battle took place elsewhere.

Here is the link to that article.

Interesting article.

Take an archaeologist detecting for a day.   They could learn something about who detectorists actually are, what they actually do, and how hard it can be to find artifacts.

Above I was talking about different kinds of finds.  Did you ever think that some of the wood that you find on the beach could be valuable?   Wood can be repurposed and reused.  And driftwood can be used for all kinds of crafts and things.

Here is a good article about how quality wood can be salvaged.

I always like to find some nice logs or beams.

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