Saturday, May 12, 2012

5/12/12 Report - Returned Rings & Bent Ear Ring

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Gold and Ruby Ear Ring Find
This small ear ring is bent.  You can see a little of where it was squashed.

Things undergo a lot of force on the beach sometimes.  It is really amazing.  I'll show some coins that are bent sometime.  

Fortunately none of the stones fell out of this ring even though it is bent.

Go Deep recently sent me an email telling about two times that he was able to find and return a lost ring using his MXT..

Here is what he said.

The first time was in Melbourne brand new unit walked on the beach and a girl comes running up to me. Her husband lost his new ring. Took about a half hour to find it as they had marked off the area they were in. They ended up being from an hour away from my house in Michigan, their grandmother lived in my town, small WORLD hey.

This past weekend I met a new guy that moved in down the road, I mentioned he would drive himself nuts with a metal detector as the old guy had truckloads of scrap iron all over the yard. He said he wish he had one as he lost his new ring loading junk in his truck…. newlyweds. I offered to look for it ,so I started searching and found everything form cans, ammo shells, iron pipes the works. Titanium rings show up as 16 to 24 VDI on an MXT and I knew I had it as soon as I swung one way and read iron 90vdi and on the back swing I kept getting 16 22 24. The ring was under a rusty bolt and a 22 shell. The guy was shocked as he had spent hours raking and digging all over for 3 months, and I had only spent 45 minutes. Needless to say, him and his wife found out there are people that do things for just a thank you and a handshake.

Thanks for the good work Go Deep.

There you have two excellent examples.

The couple in the first case was smart.  They marked the area they were in when they lost the ring.  A lot of the time, people don't know where an item was lost, even a general area.   And a lot of the time, even if a person knows, they aren't very accurate if they leave and return or try to give directions.   It is always a good idea if you lose something to mark the area immediately.  And in more than one way.  You can draw a line in the sand or dirt, but a line can be removed by wind or rain or other things.  Also use a rock or something that is not likely to be moved.  Rocks seem to work better than wooden stakes.  People seem to like to remove wooden stakes.

If you don't have a detector yourself and need some help finding a lost item, let me know. 

And if you are a detectorists and want to relocate an area and don't have a GPS, mark it well and in more than one way.

Go Deep also commented on the excellent customer service provided by Whites when he needed repairs.  Lets recognize good service here.  And it is always good to get a report on detectors.

Less than an hour ago (as I write) I used my detector to find a set of keys buried directly next to a concrete walk.  That isn't always easy to do unless you know how.  The rebar inside the concrete can make it difficult but if you use all-metals mode, you can hear the rebar and other things that you aren't interested in, but you can also pick out other specific objects.  In fact if you use all-metals mode enough, you can learn to detect a small object even if it is sitting on top of a larger object.   I think you might be surprised by how well you can learn to identify objects in all-metals or pinpoint mode.

Last chance to find a Mother's Day present.  

I guess it is always better to purchase products at quality stores.   I once got an acid test kit and some of the acid seemed to go bad.  I suppose it has a shelf life or something.

Concerning the cup which I showed a couple of days ago  that was found in the surf, I received two more guesses on what it might be.  One was a cup used with a scale to weigh substances.  And another was for pouring oil into oil lamps.

And concerning the possible olive jar rim that I posted yesterday, that was an interesting mark on the rim.  I've seen a variety of marks on olive jar rims before, but not that one.

Yesterday the sea was a little rougher than it had been recently.  Some beaches were building while I saw a little erosion starting at one place.  My camera batteries were down so I didn't get a picture.  The high tide had been up pretty high too, but not hear hitting the dunes.

The wind is from the east.  Seas are running about four feet or so.  They'll decrease just a little Sunday and Monday.

I wouldn't expect any significant change in conditions, but there is a little stirring going on at the front beach.  Also it seems some of the dips might be getting a little bigger.

Happy hunting,