Friday, May 25, 2012

5/25/12 Report - Navy Investigating Local Plane Wreck & Another Santa Fe Cob

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Here is a cob something like the one I showed yesterday.  There are differences though.  See if you can find any of the differences.

One of the things I like about cobs is the huge number of variations.  Small details can sometimes be a clue to the date the cob was produced.

Photo from the Sewall Menzel book.

I took a look at the beach this morning and was surprised to find a 1 to 3 foot cut that ran for a few hundred yards.  I wasn't expecting that.  Nothing productive though.   Just the same old sand getting washed up and then out again time after time.  It is going to take a good northeaster or something before the Treasure Coast beaches start producing old shipwreck coins in any number again.

My old flipcam worked well.  I was very pleased with it, but I broke the lens.  The new HD flipcam with the touch screen back has been a real pain.   It takes great pictures when it works, but it usually doesn't work.  I thought I had it fixed, but when I got out to the beach it wouldn't work again. 

United States Navy divers are exploring the wreck of a World War II plane that was originally discovered back in December by Randy Jordan, a local diver who is eager to find out more about the wreck and the pilot.

The wreck is in 185 feet of water.

Here is the link to that story.

Odyssey Marine Exploration stock increased over 12% yesterday.  I don't know what was responsible for the pop, but one company upgraded their rating on OMEX a few days ago, and Odyssey will be doing a presentation soon.  Either of those might have been responsible in part, or maybe there is some good news that we haven't heard yet. 

Archaeologists robbed a 1000-year-old tomb where more than 80 men, women and children were laid to rest in Peru.

Here is the link for more about that story.

Expect more of the same at the beach.   The seas will decrease about a foot over the weekend. 

There will be a lot of beach goers out over the holiday weekend.  That means there will be more recent drops.  

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