Tuesday, May 1, 2012

5/1/12 Report - Beach Upgrade, Super Moon & Bomb Squad on Vero Beach

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Bomb Unit from Patrick Air Force Base at Vero Beach Yesterday.

A possible bomb was inspected by the police who were called in by a detectorist who found the suspicious object.  The police called in the bomb unit from Patrick Air Force Base, but they arrived too late as the incoming tide made it impossible for the object to dug up and inspected.  They will try again today at low tide.

The detectorist who originally detected this object sent me the photo and information.   Thanks W. D.

You got it here first.

Always remember that old ordnance could surface on our Treasure Coast beaches anytime.

You might have noticed the low low tides we've been having.  It is because of what has been called an Extreme Super Moon.  Super Moons aren't all that rare.   They occur every year.  Although this one may be one of the nearest in the last seventeen years. 

The closest and biggest full moon of 2012 will be on Saturday, May 5th. That means that high tides will be unusually high and low tides will be unusually low, then and for a few days before and after.

Yesterday I located an object in the low tide zone that I couldn't recover myself.   I dug it up this morning.  Nothing good.

The two to three foot cut that I talked about yesterday turned into a three to four foot cut by this morning. About one more foot of sand disappeared last night.

Here it is immediately below.

And the beach below had was cut even more - five to six foot. 

I'm issuing an upgrade on my Treasure Coast Beach Detecting Conditions Rating Scale to a 2.   That is a minimal two.  Despite the nice looking cuts, they aren't the most productive.  There is just too much sand in front of the cuts.   And the foot of the cut is too high above the water line.

This google blog editor is poor.  

I don't expect the 2 rating to last long.  Seas have decreased since yesterday and will continue to decrease throughout the week.

Happy hunting,