Monday, May 21, 2012

5/21/12 Report - Shallow Water Detecting in Moderately Rough Water

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Sand and Seaweed Everywhere This Morning

I got out to take a look at the beaches this morning.  It was well after low tide.  As you can see from the photos, it was sandy.  As I've mentioned before, the seaweed indicates that light materials, including sand, is washing in. 

Conditions are poor .  I saw no real exceptions.

There were a couple of positive notes.  The sea was running near three feet this morning, and appeared to be stirring up the dips and front of the beach.

The second positive thing is that the water got fairly high up on the beach at high tide.  It didn't get near the dunes though.

If you are an experienced water hunter who can deal with a bit of rough water, you might try the dips.  The waves were a few seconds apart and a good shallow water hunter could easily deal with that.  Just don't fight the waves, go with them.  I've explained about that in the past.  Before I learned that trick, the waves would slap me all over the place.  I remember one day when the waves were hitting me in the head and giving me a headache.  I also got my headphones knocked off a couple of times too.  I learned how to go with the waves instead of fighting them.  That helped a lot.
Some people use weights and all kinds of things to help them detect while wading in rough water.  Just learn to pick up your feet at the right time and the waves will return you to the same spot. 

After getting a signal, quickly either take a scoop of sand out and put your foot in the hole, or leave the scoop of your long-handled scoop in the sand to mark the spot.  If you have a handle that floats nicely, just keep one hand on the handle and leave the scoop in place and you won't lose the spot.  Like I said, the wave will return you to the same spot, and you can take another scoop before the next wave.  A long period between swells makes it a little easier.

If you look around, you can usually find a sheltered location where the water is a little calmer than at other locations. 

There were some recent drops in the dry sand this morning too  The weather is warm enough that people are going to the beach.  Sudden thunder storms make people quickly leave the beach, sometimes losing things in the process.

I didn't see any shell piles this morning either.  As you know, I like to browse through the shells.

The wind was out of the northwest.  The seas running two to three feet, with swells out of the east/northeast.

Some deceent surfing waves at some locations.

Low tide is around 3:00.

Happy hunting,