Thursday, May 31, 2012

5/31/12 Report - Detectorist to the Rescue! & Big Treasure

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One Treasure Coast Beach Near low Tide This Morning.
 The beaches looked bad but the water was really nice.  The ocean was flat today.   And there was very good visibility.  You could actually walk around and eye-ball in shallow water.

Unfortunately there is a bunch of sand in front of the beach.  In some places there was a little dip between the sand bar and the beach, but at other places the bar started at the beach and went out into the water for quite a few yards.

Another Beach Near Low Tide.
 The dips weren't much good either.  Still too much loose stuff filling the dips.

The beach in the top photo had ore of a dip between the bar and the beach. 
While the second beach had no dip between the bar and the beach, you can see a little dip in this photo up the beach a ways.

None of the dips that I saw this morning were very good.

Here is a cute story.  Fortunately it had a happy ending.  Thanks to a detectorist.

I briefly mentioned this story yesterday without getting into the details.

A fellow from Colorado was in Naples and buried an engagement ring, planning to have his wife be surprised when she dug it up.  Upon returning to the beach he noticed that the beach had changed.  The tide came in and the buried ring was now under water and what was intended to be a little dig turned into a big hunt. 

Here is the video.

It was fortunate that detecting (and digging) was allowed.  Detectorists often make finds like this.  Too bad the pubic doesn't hear about the vast majority.

Also, down below that video there are more stories of lost rings.  Make sure to scroll down and view those.

I also mentioned the other day abut a finance story on Odyssey Marines.  This article discusses the financial implications of Odyssey Marine's ventures, including the wrecks of the Victory, Gairsoppa, Mantola as well as their work with Neptune Minerals.

Here is the link.

I think this article in part was responsible for the recent rise in their stock.

Good article.

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