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5/9/12 Report - Down Under Downtown Ocala and More

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One Treasure Coast Beach Yesterday Afternoon

Notice the light colored shells that were washed up onto the beach by the Super Moon tides.  You can clearly see where the wash was in this photo.

A lot of shell sand was pushed upon to the beach.  There was a small dip in front of the beach, and the beach front was fairly mushy, but firmer down by the water line.

One person was walking along in the dip which was about waste deep near low tide.

There's been a lot of Florida news lately.

Artifacts from the 17th century are being excavated in Ocala near the City Hall.

And from the Mel Fisher organization:  Captain Papo has the salvage ship Dare back on the wreck site of the Santa Margarita working an area where chests of coins have been found in the past.

This blog has been linking people.  More behind the scenes than you know about.  

Lost items have been reported and detectorists are stepping in to help.  I hope I have some of those success stories to publish soon.

If you want some one to help you find a valued lost item, I can probably put you together with some one to help.  Just email me.

Archaeologists dug through and destroyed half of an old Civil War Fort.  They did it to get to the remains of a 1607 settlement.  They claim the Civil War Fort was the least important and there was no other way.  I find that hard to believe.  Seems like a case of impatience and poor planning  to me.  Just a good thing it was them doing the disrupting rather than some one else.  Sometimes they claim it is better for a site to be left untouched for future centuries to uncover.  Not this time for some reason.

They dug up over a million artifacts, according to the article.  I wonder how well those will be studied?  I hope they won't be lost in some dusty basement.

That is more evidence that good sites are good sites, very often with activity from multiple periods stacked on top of each other. 

I wouldn't give them such a hard time if they weren't so quick to characterize everybody else as ignorant looters and grave robbers.

I received some interesting responses to my comments on dowsing.   James F., for one, sent some very interesting accounts.  Aquanaut John also told about a very successful case.

James F. mentioned that the military used dowsing in Viet Nam.   I didn't know that.

The following article, which gives a fairly comprehensive overview of research on dowsing up to the eighties, mentions the Marines using it.. 

Even if you are a firm non-believer, I think it might stimulate your thinking about different approaches to locating objects.
Here is the link to the Journal of the Society of Psychical Research article.

Treasure Coast Beach Detecting Forecast and Conditions.

I described some of the beach conditions at the beginning of the post.

We are having southwest winds and northeast swells, but the seas are running about four feet.   It now appears from the predictions that that is about all the bigger it is going to get for several days.

Rain storms passed through yesterday afternoon.  There might be some run-off gullies in some of  the dunes.

Low tide is around 5:30.

Beach detecting conditions on the Treasure Coast are poor.  The only thing I would be much interested in checking out is the beach front near the water and dips.

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