Friday, May 4, 2012

5/4/12 Report - Super Moon Over Treasure Coast & $20,000 Meteorite Found

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The Super Moon is causing some nice low tides.  Along with the smooth water, that makes for some easy water and low tide hunting. 

The top photo shows Walton Rocks near low tide today.   Good snorkeling.  Nice clear smooth water.  

Walton Rocks Near Low Tide Today

You could see some interesting things just wading.  

A lot of shells too.  And to the north, some nice dips between the beach and the near shore bar.

Also a few fossils to be found, along with a lot of iron and other miscellaneous metals.

Really nice weather for leisurely beach combing.

 Up at Green Turtle beach, there has been some filling.  You can see that in the second photo.  You could get out nicely into the low tide zone there too.  There was, however, a heck of a lot of sand at the foot of the cut and in the shallow water.  I think you can see that in the photo below.

There is a lot of beach to detect now but also a heck of a lot of sand.  I dropped my beach conditions rating back to a 1 yesterday.

The wind and swells are from the east/southeast.   I expect conditions to remain pretty much the same through the weekend and Monday.
Green Turtle Beach Near Low Tide Friday.

The peak Super Moon will be Sunday.

Out in El Dorado County in California, which you probably know as gold country, a mother found something more valuable than gold in a public park.  It was one of many space rocks that have been falling in Gold Country and is worth more than $20,000.

A meteor shower along with this space rock find brought hoards of scientists and treasure-seekers to the neighborhood.
Here is the link to that story.

Looks just like any old rock to me.  I wonder how she knew about meteorites. 

I always say it's good to know about as many different types of treasures as possible.  Who knows how many people walked right by this meteorite, maybe even kicked it.

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