Sunday, May 6, 2012

5/6/12 Report - Big Low Tides Continue & Mystery Find From Wabasso

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Wabasso Beach Find For Sale on EBay.

Wabasso Beach Metal Detector Find.

I saw this item for sale on eBay.   Can you identify it?  Let me know.

That is the type of thing that could easily pop up under current conditions.  Like I've been reporting, there are a lot of miscellaneous iron and other objects on some of the beach fronts. 

That Super Moon was big and round last night.  Really a pretty sight.

Aquanaut John said that 115 treasure hunters gathered at the recent treasure hunter's cookout.  Quite an affair.  Very successful in every sense of the word.  Except the dowsing didn't seem to go as well.  The dowsed targets didn't prove out.

There have been a number of studies on such things.  Arizona State University and Duke University are two that do a lot of research on parapsychology, ESP and things like that. 

One major difficulty in conducting research on topics like mediumship is that mediums don't do well when they are around skeptical people.  They will tell you that, and it seems that science supports that.  That makes it difficult to study scientifically because researchers should maintain an objective skeptical attitude.  Therefore the conduct of  science and paranormal activities are often incompatible by their very nature.

I once talked about dowsing and did a poll in this blog on the topic.  I was a little surprised by the large percentage of people that indicated that they believed in it to some extent, not because I don't believe in it, but I simply didn't think so many others did.

Another complication was pointed out by one blog reader who said they believed in dowsing, but not when done for personal gain.  As you can see there are many complications and factors to be considered.  

In ESP research, even though some subjects seem to consistently do better than chance, they are still far from perfect.   And if you study enough subjects, some should by chance do better than chance, as odd as that might sound. 

There are certainly times when it seems that intuition or something is at work.  I've had those experiences, and I am sure that many of you have too.  Sometimes it seems like you are drawn to a particular find.   Although there appears to be some kind of sixth sense operating at times, I don't consider things like dowsing to have been either proven or disproven beyond a shadow of a doubt, and certainly not completely understood. 

Some times hot, and other times your not.  Call it what you will.

Skill is the intentional process of improving the probability of success.  Even the most skilled fail sometimes.

Forgive my rambling, but the Super Moon (or should I say "Fool" Moon) seems to be affecting my thinking.    ; )

Coin Discoveries in Your Own Home.   That is the title of the following linked article.  It briefly discusses a number of cache and coin discoveries made in and around homes.  It is an older article (2007) but you might find it both interesting and useful.

I've never seen too much written about hunting caches.  A book by Glenn Carson on the topic comes to mind, but not much else.

Here is the link to the article on coin discoveries made in and around homes.

A mock archaeological dig turned out to be on top of an old Roman temple. 

Here is the link.

The world has been here for a while.  So have people.  And people have been almost everywhere.   And anywhere they've been, they've had an impact and probably left some things behind. 

If you consider any object over a few years old to be archaeologically significant, as archaeologists seem to want to do these days, the entire world becomes an archaeological site.  That is why archaeology needs to become more mature in its approach and instead of trying to protect the entire world from any human activity other than archaeology itself, needs to define priorities and focus their efforts better.

Sunday won't be much different from Saturday.  The swells will come a little more from the north, but not much.  

Get used to summer beach conditions.

Happy hunting,