Tuesday, May 15, 2012

5/15/12 Report - Testing Metals, Drift Card & Petition

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Tom Guidus of Wreckovery Salvage forwarded the following to me.

From professional salvor Pat Clyne.

The “Mother” of all Battles:

We thought it would be appropriate to form this group today, May 13th, to express a dire urgency to ALL people, especially those living on our coastlines and those who visit, that your rights to our ocean’s waterways are being threatened by a startling number of bureaucrats and legislators in Washington who are planning a strategic ‘coup’ to take away individual State’s rights by federalizing our country’s coastlines and banning certain activities that we as a people have enjoyed since becoming a free nation.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA) is feverishly trying to pass legislation to form and extend Marine Sanctuaries on our East Coast before the Nov. elections. Although many may believe that this is a protective move to save our oceans resources (which is precisely how they present it and what they want you to believe), it is nothing more then a “Taking” of our rights to continue to practice our freedoms to enjoy and work in our professions.

Ask any fisherman, wreck diver, private salvor, or boating enthusiast living in a Marine Sanctuary and they will tell you how their rights to pursue their chosen endeavor has been either harshly restricted or totally banned once these Sanctuary’s are in place.

They MUST be STOPPED! And the only way that can happen is for us, the people of this country, who have been given this responsibility, to tell our government officials WE want to STOP this NOW! If we don’t do it NOBODY else will.

In the coming days and weeks we will be posting more information on this latest government intrusion on our private lives and ask you to participate in this “Coastline Coalition” of like minded individuals who want to see our present freedoms on the sea remain intact.   Thank You.

Sign the petition:



Here is a story about a boy that found a plastic drift card.  Drift cards are used to track the flow of ocean currents.


Someone asked me about testing metals. For precious metals, I use an acid testing kit. There are also pens for testing precious metals, but I've only used the acid kits.  The acid test kits can be purchased on Amazon.com, eBay and jewelry supply retailers.

For other metals, there are other tests. A simple magnet is an easy way to identify ferrous metals.

I've posted information about testing titanium in this blog before. Use the bog search box and you'll find that post.

Here is a link to one post on acid testing.


This blog contains a lot of information. I don't think enough people use the search box or the archives. 

Here is one example of a basic gold test kit sold on Amazon.com.


You can also get kits with acid for testing silver and platinum in addition to different purities of gold. . I'd recommend that you get both of those too.

Treasure Coast Beach Detecting Conditions.

Yesterday morning at low tide I found one interesting beach.  There were actually some cuts, some scallops, and a firm flat front beach.  Also you could see where recent high tides had deposited shells and other light materials behind the berm.

Seas will run about three feet.   The wind has been from the southeast a lot lately.  That normally builds beaches.  Wednesday it will shift around a bit, part of the time coming for the west.

I would rate beach conditions as being a 1 on my rating scale.  Some beaches are a touch better than others.  Still the probability of finding a cob or treasure coin right now is low.

Happy hunting,