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5/20/12 Report - Wreck Found in Gulf, 2-Reales Found & Petition Reminder

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Wreck discovered by NOAA in the Gulf.   Photo by NOAA.
Copper Shell of 19th Century Wreck Found in the Gulf.

Additional information and the photo can be found by using the following link.

Nice photo.

The wood has mostly dissolved, but the copper shell of the wreck and artifacts including bottles, dishes and muskets remain.

Notice the squares attached over the copper along the bow.  I believe those might be lead markers.   I might have once shown pieces of lead that I believe might be similar hull markers from a Treasure Coast wreck.   Those pieces, if I did post them in this blog (I  don't remember off-hand), were found on a beach opposite a wreck site.  An archaeologist couldn't say what those pieces of lead were but I think the similarity to those shown in this photo supports my interpretation.

I've been swamped lately, but things are slowing down a bit and I'll have a bit more time to respond to my emails and catch up on some other things, including a few innovations that I've been working on. 

I've been having trouble with my camera too.  I'll get that ironed out before long, hopefully.

I received an email from the Mel Fisher organization telling of the most recent discoveries by the crew of the Dare on the trail of the Santa Margarita.   They found some artifacts last week along with five two-reales.  They were working an area just southwest of  where the gold chalice was found in back in 2008.

Received from Sedwick Coins via email:  ... the May 30 deadline to receive consignments for our Summer (Internet-only) Auction #2 (June 28, 2012) is fast approaching. Keep those consignments coming!

You better act soon if you want to consign.

Pete R. sent a reminder asking all to sign the petition to stop NOAA from expanding the Marine Sanctuaries.   I mentioned it back in my 5/15 post.   If you missed that or forgot, here is a link where you can sign to STOP the Sanctuary's Expansion:

I was recently on a flight arriving at PBI and another fellow had a metal detector that he stowed in the over-head compartments.   I asked, and he said that airport security didn't give him any trouble when he brought his metal detector through security.  He carried it on-board in the original cardboard box.  That may have helped.

Decades ago I regularly took detectors on planes as carry-on and had no trouble.  Back then airport security would look at my disassembled detector with a puzzled look, ask what it was, and then let me board with no problem.  I suspect that there is a much greater possibility of encountering problems these days.   Since 911, I prefer to ship any detectors to my destination via UPS separately.  That is probably not necessary, but I want to avoid problems even if I am being overly cautious.

I fixed the link to the web site on State Quarter errors listed in the 5/17 report.

Treasure Coast Beach Forecast and Conditions

I haven't been out to the local beaches for a while.  I'll have to get out there just to take a look, get a few pictures and personally confirm for myself what the situation is. 

There certainly hasn't been anything to suggest any changes from the basically poor conditions that we've had for some time.

Nonetheless, I'll give a more detailed update after I get a chance to take a look for myself.

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