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5/17/12 Report - The Real Value of Coin Folders for Detectorists

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State Quarter Folder
If you found one of the state quarters you might think, Ho hum, that's 25 cents. You would probably put it in your pocket and spend it at the first opportunity. That could be a mistake.

There are a number of errors that can be found on state quarters. Of course error coins can always be worth a bit more. 

Here is a web site that describes eight of the most common state quarter errors.

Yesterday I mentioned getting a coin folder to collect state quarters.  I know that isn't a new idea.  I've talked about it before, but as far as I'm concerned, it is a very quick, easy and inexpensive way to add a lot of fun and some extra value to your detecting.
Incomplete Collection of State Quarters.

I'd recommend getting folders for wheat pennies, Lincoln pennies and mercury dimes or any type of coin that you might have found in some numbers.

One thing that many detectorists fail to do is closely inspect your finds.  I recommend carefully examining even modern clad finds.  You can occasionally find rare dates that have some value, and you can find error coins.  I've shown a couple of error coins that I've found in the past.

But if you don't carefully inspect your finds, rare dates and error coins can easily be missed.  You can easily spend a penny that might be worth $10, $20 or more.

If you have the coin folders and collect the different types of coins, you are more likely to take a good look at your routine coin finds, and as a result, get more out of your detecting, both in fun and value.

If you have a folder for a particular type of coin , try to fill every slot in the folder.  You can get folders that have holes for every specific date and mint, and you can get folders with unmarked holes.  When you find a better example of a particular date and mint, replace the coin in the folder with the new better coin.  That will upgrade your collection.   As your collection grows you might add  a second or third  folder for the less perfect coins, as you continue to improve your collection.

Although I enjoy building a complete collection, the biggest value of the folders for me is that I do a better job of inspecting my finds and finding rare dates and error coins that I otherwise would probably miss.

Since beginning to collect State Quarters just a short time ago, I learned about the error coins and also about the existence of proof silver State Quarters.  That goes to show how systematically collecting something as mundane as State Quarters can expand your knowledge and ability to get the most out of your finds.

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